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Manley Reference Silver Microphone

Artigo: REC0013078-000
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The Manley Reference Silver Microphone offers a warm and rich tone with a mechanical selector on the rear of the head basket th...  Todas as informações do produto

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Manley Reference Silver Microphone

Large diaphragm tube condenser microphone

The Manley Reference Silver Microphone offers a warm and rich tone with a mechanical selector on the rear of the head basket that is switchable between cardioid and omni pick-up patterns.

Equipped with a mic grade 5670 vacuum tube, Manley IRON transformers and a low-noise switch mode power supply, the Reference Silver is ideal for female vocals, saxophones, drum overheads and banjos, to name but a few applications. An adjustable acoustic chamber on the rear of the capsule is provided for the user to switch between Cardioid in Omni pickup patterns.

The fragile high impedance signal from the capsule hits an FET sitting under the 5670 vacuum tube’s cathode that then amplifies the signal into a more robust voltage that the hand-wound Manley IRON mic output transformer sends out to your microphone preamplifier.

The Reference Silver has a five micrometre thin, gold-vaporised membrane and a hand-wound IRON output transformer with a nickel core. The large membrane capsule is powered by a 5670 tube-based amplifier, whilst the external switching power supply operates with a constant current source for minimised background noise. This large-diaphragm tube condenser microphone is designed for universal studio use from instruments to vocals.

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