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PPV Medien Guitar Special Joe Bonamassa

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His tours are mega-events, his musical output and talent are unparalleled - both in terms of release timing and songwriting ...  Todas as informações do produto

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PPV Media Guitar Special Joe Bonamassa

Joe Bonamassa - the guitar special about the phenomenon

His tours are mega-events, his musical output and talent are unparalleled - both in terms of release timing and songwriting quality. On top of that, he has managed to establish his own rules in a constantly changing music market.

But where does this songwriter and guitarist come from, who with his great passion for the thousandfold quoted blues has conjured up his unexpected renaissance in the last ten years? From page 6 you can read all about Joe's career, from the first steps in his father's guitar store to sold-out halls like the Royal Albert Hall.

We accompanied Joe Bonamassa for a whole day on his Three-Kings tour in the USA - not just anywhere, but against the backdrop of the legendary Red Rock amphitheatre in Denver, Colorado: a setting for an exceptional event that brought together several musical and guitaristic highlights in terms of blues spirit, atmosphere and vintage gear. Joe's homage to the three great blues icons Freddie King, Albert King and B.B. King provided deep insights into Bonamassas' personal blues universe.

Joe Bonamassas exquisite selection of vintage guitars and amps in the Three Kings backline turned out to be a"must", the"freestyle" followed on the foot: the Bonaseum, Joe's personal vintage pearls, commented by the master himself.

Joe's signature tool is much more down-to-earth. You can also find an overview of Joe's collected signature guitars, his favourite strings, cables and effects.

For the enclosed CD Joe Bonamassa has exclusively provided us with four of his greatest hits. In addition there are - you know it no different - the complete notes and TABs! So if you want to get into the mood for reading this issue: CD in the player and immerse yourself in Joe's musical universe.


  • Fabricante: PPV Medien
  • Médio: Magazine
  • Voz/Discurso: German
  • CD: Yes
  • DVD: No
  • Transferir: No
  • Autor: Redaktion guitar
  • Número de publicação: 20151521
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