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Pearl Pedal Duplo Demon Drive P-3002DL, esquerdo

Artigo: DRU0018304-000
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The first pedal ever to truly bridge the gap between control and versatility. This pedal ...  Todas as informações do produto

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PEARL Eliminator Double Pedal P-3002DL "Demon Drive"

The first pedal ever to truly bridge the gap between control and versatility. This pedal was engineered to create the most seamless link between the player’s musical ideas and their execution on a bass drum. Whether seeking to deliver lightning-fast blast beats or deep, rock-solid grooves, this pedal offers the adjustability to maximize your playing in any style.

PEARL Eliminator P-3002D "Demon Drive" features: left hand version Footboard length: 23 / 26,5 cm "Duo-Deck" footboard - converts quickly from shortboard to long board incredible smoothness and speed through the use of ultra-precise components Direct Link Adjustment beater stroke adjustment - a choice of 2 positions for a light or heavy feel adjustable traction plate - fully adjustable traction dots to vary the amount of slip or grip footboard height adjustment Control Core Beater - anti-vibration elastomer core !!! 3 years Music Store warranty !!!

!!! 30 days Money-back guarantee !!!


  • Fabricante: Pearl
  • Placa de base: Sim
  • Incl. Saco / Estojo: Yes
  • Mola de tensão ajustável: Sim
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