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Pearl Reference Pure Double Bass Shell-Set Black & White Oyster

Artigo: DRU0034866-000
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The Pearl Reference Pure Double Bass Kit in Black & White Oyster is a professional drum kit in an extravagant metal set-up.  Todas as informações do produto

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Pearl Reference Pure Double Bass Shell-Set Black & White Oyster

High-End Reference Pure Drums from Pearl - A real unique set

The Pearl Reference Pure Double Bass Kit in Black & White Oyster is a professional drum kit in an extravagant metal set-up with spectacular shell composition and exquisite sound. It is also a unique piece that can only be purchased in this color at the Music Store Professional. Maple, birch and mahogany are always combined for the Pearl Reference Pure percussion shells according to the size of the drum and the respective sound characteristics. This shell set with two bass drums is ideal for fat metal or hard rock requirements for powerful sound and brute stage look. Hoops, bearing edges and hardware are at the highest level, which guarantees durability and tuning stability.

Pearl Reference Pure: Perfect wood combination

Smaller shells of the Pearl Reference Pure series have a high birch and a small maple content. With increasing size, the proportion of maple increases and the proportion of birch decreases. From a diameter of 13" the maple portion decreases again and is "filled up" with mahogany, the larger the diameter, the more mahogany. As the size of the shell increases, it is also necessary to adjust the thickness. The Reference shell set solves this problem simply by using different layers. The bass drum, for example, has two more layers. The results are drum shells that are perfectly tuned to each other.

The "SST" shell construction by Pearl

Each Reference Pure series shell is manufactured according to a special process. The so-called "Superior Shell Technology" process, in which exquisite woods are baked under pressure and high temperatures into a perfectly round shape. When glued with a unique glue that is heated to the same hardness as the wood, the ends of the individual layers are bevelled so that they overlap at the end. This gives the shells an enormous stability and prevents air pockets. The edge of the finished shell is provided with carefully inserted 45° bearing edges inside and outside, which gives the shell an optimal surface for the supplied Remo heads.

Further innovations make playing on these sets a sonic experience: the small STL Tube Lugs, as well as the thin "Fat Tone" hoops allow optimal shell resonance. The OptiMount tom mounts are made from aluminum and fit seamlessly into the "ideal vibration behavior". The unique Black & White Oyster wrap finish can only be purchased here at the Music Store Professional.

A complete overview

  • Bass Drum shells 6 inner layers mahogany + 2 outer layers maple
  • Tom Tom shells: 2 inner layers birch + 4 outer layers maple
  • Floor Tom shells: 6 inner layers mahogany + 2 outer layers maple
  • Fat Tone hoops
  • LB-200 Bridge Floor Tom leg rosette
  • LG-200 Floor Tom legs
  • SP-300 Bass Drum legs
  • Aluminum OptiMount tom holder
  • Stainless steel tension rods
  • Remo Clear Emperor heads on tom and floor tom
  • Remo Clear Powerstroke 3 Bass Drum head

Âmbito de entrega:

  • incl. Suporte de timbalão: Sim


  • Fabricante: Pearl
  • Configuração: com Bombo 22"
  • Material de proteção: Maple/Mahogany/Birch
  • Superfície de proteção: Folha
  • Brilho: Não
  • Fade: Não
  • Hardware de proteção: Chrome
  • Assinatura: Não
  • Material de Aro: Aço
  • Montagem de timbalão com oscilação livre: Sim
  • Bombo com roseta: Não
  • Tamanho de timbalão 1: 10" x 7"
  • Tamanho timbalão 2: 12" x 8"
  • Tamanho timbalão chão 1: 14" x 12"
  • Tamanho timbalão chão 2: 16" x 14"
  • Tamanho de bombo: 22" x 18"
  • Rodas de borracha montadas em mola: Sim
  • Garras de bombo de alinhado com Anel de Borracha: Sim
  • Cabeça de bombo pré-amortecida: Sim
  • Número de camadas, tambor baixo: 8
  • Número de camadas, timbalão: 6
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