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Qonnexone RMX

Artigo: REC0012561-000
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The Qonnexone RMX is an audio streaming server for Windows 10 that provides the interface between DAW and the Internet. Opti...  Todas as informações do produto

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Professional audio network interface

The Qonnexone RMX is an audio streaming server for Windows 10 that provides the interface between DAW and the Internet. Optional Ravenna and Dante audio drivers allow you to send and receive uncompressed audio over the Internet in bi-directional mode. With this audio streaming technology it is possible to record musicians or speakers in real time in your own DAW from anywhere in the world. The difference to other audio networking systems is that audio transmission with the Qonnexone RMX cannot take place in data-reduced formats, but with professional audio quality.

Qonnexone RMX: 4U rack server

The heart of the system is in a 4U rack. The high-end audio server can be installed standalone in the existing studio environment. If installed in a separate server room, it can be operated via an optional remote console.

High-end sound cards for maximum audio quality

Choose from a variety of high-quality sound cards to connect your existing studio equipment to the Qonnexone RMX. Available formats are AES / EBU, MADI, ADAT or AIO.

Practical applications of the Qonnexone RMX

Producers, musicians, clients and customers can compare different mixes in real time in every corner of the world. Even 5.1 mixes can be transferred to another studio and vice versa. Compressed audio streams can be sent directly to pads or mobile phones. A Skype - similar video connection enables "Face to Face" communication with the corresponding counterpart.

  • 4U rack server
  • Hard Disk Raid System 1 TB
  • Intel XEON / i7 chipset
  • 8 GB RAM
  • Windows 10 pro


  • expandable via RME PCI Express sound cards
  • Ravenna ASIO driver
  • Dante ASIO driver
  • Remote Console

QonnexONE - Open App with Firefox and Mac OS X

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