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Roland AE-10

Artigo: SYN0005574-000
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The Roland AE-10 AeroPhone is a digital instrument with saxophone-style fingering. Thanks to internal sound generation with Sup...  Todas as informações do produto

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Roland AE-10G

Roland AE-10G Imagem do produto
  • Fabricante: Roland
  • Geração de som: Digital
  • Visor: Yes
  • Interface MIDI USB: Yes
  • Ligação de Auscultador: Yes
  • ...
825,00 €
825,00 €
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Roland AE-10 Aerophone

Digital Wind Instrument

The Roland AE-10 AeroPhone is a digital instrument with saxophone-style fingering. Thanks to internal sound generation with SuperNATURAL modelling technology there are 40 different and authentic sounds to be utilised. Built-in speakers and a power supply via batteries pave the way for both mobile performance applications and for easy integration into a DAW.
The countless sound colours cover all saxophone models, from soprano to baritone, and wind instruments such as clarinet and trumpet. Even strings and synthesizer sounds can now be played using the familiar saxophone fingering, all of which have a fine-resolution dynamic range and articulation, thanks to Roland's SuperNATURAL modelling technology. The Full Range function selects the appropriate model for each register of the notes as they are played.

Many digital wind instruments that are available on the market demand a completely different way of handling, which many wind players perceive as a limitation. The Roland AE-10 Aerophone is designed like an acoustic saxophone up to the octave flap for the left hand. In addition, the mouthpiece of the AE-10 contains an extremely sensitive blow-on sensor, which also allows biting the tube blade for vibratory techniques and changing the pitch. Thus, even beginners will be able to deal with this instrument within a very short time, whilst professional and advanced players can look forward to all the nuances provided by an acoustic sax.

For even more fun playing, connect your smartphone or music player to the Aerophone AE-10. When connected to your AE-10 Aerophone via the stereo mini-jack the sound is reproduced through the built-in speakers or a connected headphone, allowing you to play along to your favourite songs.

The Roland AE-10 Aerophone is not only an independent instrument, it also allows the control of external devices. Connected to the USB port of a computer, the Aerophone can be used to control soft synths and external MIDI modules. And thanks to the control of the blower, completely new synthesis possibilities arise which a keyboard cannot offer.

  • MIDI Saxophone-Style Instrument
  • Sound Generator: SuperNATURAL Acoustic, PCM Synthesizer
  • 40x Presets
  • 100x User Sounds
  • Multi-Effects, Chorus, Reverb
  • Controller: Breath Sensor, Bite Sensor, Performance Buttons, Octave Buttons, Thumb Controller, Tone Knob
  • Display: Custom LCD
  • Plug-in connections: INPUT socket, stereo mini-jack, headphone output (6.3mm stereo jack), USB/MIDI port, DC IN socket
  • 2 x 1.5W Internal Speakers, diaphragm size: 2.8cm
  • Power supply: Power supply (DC 5.7 V), 6 x Ni-MH batteries (AA, HR6 - not included)
  • Power consumption: 418mA, approximately 7 hours (when using batteries with a cap capacity of 1,900 mAh.) * *Carbon zinc or alkaline batteries are not suitable for operation
  • Included accessories: guide, guide for safe use, power supply, mouthpiece cover, neck holder, custom transport bag
  • Optional accessories: (not included) Replacement mouthpiece


  • Fabricante: Roland
  • Geração de som: Digital
  • Visor: Yes
  • Interface MIDI USB: Yes
  • Ligação de Auscultador: Yes
  • Altifalantes: Yes
  • incl. Transformador: Yes
  • Peso (kg): 0,9
  • Pilhas incluídas: No
  • Processador de efeitos integrado: Yes
  • Número de sons: 40
  • Polifonia: 1
  • Alimentação: Adapter, Battery, USB
  • Largura (cm): 12,8
  • Altura (cm): 54,4
  • Profundidade (cm): 9,3
  • Cor: White
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