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Roland TD-1KV E-Drum Set UK Version

Artigo: DRU0030676-900
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The latest stroke of genius from Roland's V-Drums series is a clear message to all beginners out there. The TD-1 KV combines ea...  Todas as informações do produto

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Roland TD-1KV E-Drum Set UK Version

The latest stroke of genius from Roland's V-Drums series is a clear message to all beginners out there. The TD-1 KV combines easy of use, a lightweight design, slimmed features and also sends a clear message to the price competition. Yet no owner must forgo the prestigious Roland technology, fabulous sound experiences and realistic feeling. Thanks to innovative technology, the TD-1KV can also impress with its particularly low-noise performance.

The TD-1KV Sound Module

The sound module of the TD-1KV contains the usual genial Roland sounds that make the V drums the most popular among their peers. 15 pre-programmed drum kits are available to the player, easily accessible via the user-friendly sound module even available during the performance. In addition, the sound module has attractive practice and recording functions that help you to improve your skills through play. Another incentive is the 15 pre-stored audio tracks to accompany. Who should lack songs of the given pool can also connect an external audio device and play your own music. Last but not least, the TD-1KV sound module connects via a USB MIDI to a computer.

The TD-1KV Setup

The TD-1 KV comes with three tom, a snare, hi-hat and a two cymbal pads and two pedals to operate the bass drum and the hi-hat. The snare pad is borrowed the most significant series and offers two trigger zones in the edge and in the middle. For even better and more genuine performances, it is equipped with a fabric skin and provides a phenomenally realistic feeling. The three tom pads operate the other hand a rubberized coating that guarantees an authentic rebound behavior. The pelvic pads come in spite of the low price on the popular "Choke function", enabling stopping with his hands. Both pedals are distinguished primarily by their particularly low-noise operation, since is to dispense with the use of beaters. In the pedal itself the sound is triggered and forwarded velocity sensitive. Various upgrade options in the form of additional cymbals, kickpads or a higher-quality snarepad let the TD-1KV always grow with your requirements.

Precipitated TD 1KV rack design

The most noticeable change in the TD-1KV in contrast to its predecessors is very clear the rack. Standing hard on three points, it offers ideal grip and perfect settings. A rack bar serves as the backbone and offers enough space to accommodate all the elements. In addition, the TD-1kV rac is by the unconventional design even more compact and flatters visually in all positions correctly.

ROLAND TD-1KV V Drumset Features

  • 15 expressive drumkits
  • PDX-8 mesh snare-pad with 2 trigger-zones
  • Cymbals with choke-funciton
  • 15 songs
  • Mix In jack to connect a MP3 player
  • Quiet foot pedals without beater
  • Practice and recording function
  • Adjustable tripod
  • USB MIDI port for connection to computers


  • Fabricante: Roland
  • Número de baterias: 15
  • Função de gravação: Sim
  • Efeitos internos: Sim
  • Ligação de Auscultador: Yes
  • Incl. Pedal: Sim
  • Metrónomo Integrado: Sim
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