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Studio Electronics AMP 2 Stage flexible Amp

Artigo: SYN0005202-000
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The Studio Electronics AMP Modular Synth is a 2 stage Class A discrete design using 3 pairs of hand matched tra...  Todas as informações do produto

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The Studio Electronics AMP Modular Synth is a 2 stage Class A discrete design using 3 pairs of hand matched transistors. Envelope is usually applied to ST1/1. ST1/2 goes thru an attenuverter and can be used for envelope or modulation. ST2/1 goes to the 2nd stage, and is typically used for volume control. ST2/2 goes thru an attenuverter and is typically used for modulation.

With its Class A circuitry, the AMP draws more current from the +12 rail than from the -12 volt rail. If the system power supply is under-sized, hum or buzz may be heard. In cases like this, larger filter capacitors and/or a larger power transformer will be needed. Like their filters, Boomstar Modular AMPs are hand-built entirely in the USA.

The main features of the Studio Electronics AMP Modular Synth include:

  • Handbuilt Class A Modular AMP
  • 6 Patch Points
  • Size: 8hp
  • Depth: 39.7mm with ribbon cable attached 
  • Power Usage: 35mA, 12mA (+12 / -12)


  • Fabricante: Studio Electronics
  • TE / HP: 8
  • Modulart: VCA
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