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T-Cymbals Janissary-X Orkhon China 18"

Artigo: DRU0034511-000
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The Janissary-X Orkhon China in 18" from T-Cymbals impresses with a spectacular surface and powerful sound. The relatively natu...  Todas as informações do produto

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T-CYMBALS Janissary-X Orkhon China, 18"

Brilliant sound for special effects

The Janissary-X Orkhon China in 18" from T-Cymbals impresses with a spectacular surface and powerful sound. The relatively natural center of China and the four enclosed holes create a brute response with loud, trashy sound and shortened sustain. Ideal for Heavy drummers and all who want to accentuate concisely. The high-quality, hand-hammered B20 alloy and the excellent price-performance ratio make the Turkish T-Cymbals a real alternative to established brand manufacturers.

B20 - A quality feature

B20 has become the standard alloy for all high-quality cymbals. The wonderfully round, warm sound of the alloy and its longevity speak for themselves. B20 is an alloy of metals consisting of 80% copper and 20% tin.

B20 Cymbals are the supreme discipline of cymbal forging and demand everything from the cymbalsmith. A better price-performance ratio for handmade B20 cymbals like T-Cymbals will be hard to find.


Hand hammered in Turkey

With great dedication and passion for cymbal production as well as individual and independent product lines, the Turkish manufacturer T-Cymbals has succeeded in distinguishing itself from the broad and unmanageable mass of manufacturers. The contact to the base has always been a priority at T-Cymbals, the wishes of customers and artists are always in the foreground. The reason for the constantly growing popularity of these unique cymbals is not least due to their excellent price-performance ratio.

Each cymbal is unique, 100 percent handmade and therefore by no means a conveyor belt product. The Istanbulers describe themselves as "cymbal fanatics", who not only invest a lot of effort in the production of their custom-made cymbals, but also love to play them themselves.

The Top Facts

  • Size: 18"
  • Hand hammered in Turkey
  • B20 Alloy
  • Natural finish with visible hammer blows
  • Perfect for loud effects
  • Dark, loud, trashy sound


  • Fabricante: T-Cymbals
  • Tamanho(polegada): 18
  • Liga: B20 bronze
  • Martelado à mão: Sim
  • Acabamento: Natural
  • Escala: Fino
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