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T-Cymbals Metalshop Mega Bell Ride, 22"

Artigo: DRU0034506-000
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The 22" Metalshop Mega Bell Ride from T-Cymbals can hardly be surpassed in assertiveness and definition. The oversized bell ...  Todas as informações do produto

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T-CYMBALS Metalshop Mega Bell Ride, 22"

Perfect riding pool for rock, punk and heavy metal

The 22" Metalshop Mega Bell Ride from T-Cymbals can hardly be surpassed in assertiveness and definition. The oversized bell sounds crystal clear and cutting and thus prevails even against the widest guitar walls. The cymbal sounds quite round and bright despite all hardness. Every drummer who prefers the harder gait will enjoy the Metalshop Mega Bell Ride by T-Cymbals.

B20 - A quality feature

B20 has become the standard alloy for all high-quality pools. The wonderfully round, warm sound of the alloy and its longevity speak for themselves. B20 is an alloy of metals consisting of 80% copper and 20% tin.

B20 Cymbals are the supreme discipline of cymbal forging and demand everything from the blacksmith. A better price/performance ratio for handmade B20 cymbals like T-Cymbals will be hard to find.


Hand hammered in Turkey

With great dedication and passion for pool production as well as individual and independent product lines, the Turkish manufacturer T-Cymbals has succeeded in distinguishing itself from the broad and unmanageable mass of manufacturers. The contact to the base has always been a priority at T-Cymbals, the wishes of customers and artists are always in the foreground. The reason for the constantly growing popularity of these unique pools is not least due to their excellent price/performance ratio.

Each basin is unique, 100 percent handmade and therefore by no means a conveyor belt product. The Istanbulers describe themselves as"pool fanatics", who not only invest a lot of effort in the production of their custom-made pools, but also love to play them themselves.

The Top Facts

  • Size: 22"
  • Hand hammered in Turkey
  • B20 Alloy
  • Extra large bell
  • Perfect for rock music
  • Bright, round, penetrating sound


  • Fabricante: T-Cymbals
  • Tamanho(polegada): 22
  • Liga: B20 bronze
  • Martelado à mão: Sim
  • Escala: Peso
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