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The Harvestman Tyme Sefari MK2 16-bit Loop Sampler

Artigo: SYN0005391-000
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The Tyme Sefari Mk II from The Harvestman is a voltage controlled audio buffer and loop sampler for the Euroack modular syst...  Todas as informações do produto

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The Harvestman Tyme Sefari Mk II

Voltage Controlled Audio Buffer and Loop Sampler

The Tyme Sefari Mk II from The Harvestman is a voltage controlled audio buffer and loop sampler for the Euroack modular system. The module can be used as 1-shot sampler, delay, false time stretcher and much more. The Transport Control buttons are used to set playback, record, direction and loop. The additional Tap Tempo control adjusts the recording/playback time and delay time. The Sound of Thunder expander also enables four new modes such as Audio Format Control and Circuit Bending.

The Harvestman - Tyme Sefari Mk II: Transport Control

The audio buffer of the Tyme Sefari Mk II works more or less circular. This means that when the end of the memory is reached, the playback and recording positions are reset to their original positions. PLAY jack and switches are the most important operating elements of the Transport Control. When the PLAY switch or gate input (P) is activated, the content of the memory is sent to the audio outputs and the playback position advances. This mode is indicated by the yellow LED. If a red LED lights up, the REC (R) control is active and new data from the audio input is stored. The direction of playback/recording is controlled via the DIR socket (D) and the corresponding switch. The Sampling Frequency knob determines the speed of playback and recording.

If playback and record are activated simultaneously, the Tyme Sefari can be used as a digital delay. The delay time is then controlled by the sampling frequency and the number of repetitions via feedback.

Loop for loop with the sampler Tyme Sefari MkII

The recording and playback"head" of the Tyme Sefari MkII is controlled by the LOOP controls. The Harvestman has come up with a practical solution for setting the start and end point of the loop using the two sliders on the front panel. The start and end slider precisely defines the playback range of the sample. If the start position is greater than the end position, the direction is reversed. If the Loop switch is disabled, the entire sample is looped.

Tap Tempo

By activating the Tap Tempo toggle the LOOP sliders on the Tyme Sefari Mk II are deactivated. In this mode, the length of the playback or recording is determined by the time between two keystrokes or gate input events in the Tap Tempo control group. After pressing the button four times or a sequence of four gate inputs, the length of the loop is modified. When the end point of the loop is reached in all modes, the orange LED on the sliders lights up and a trigger event fires from the tap tempo output.

The Harvestman - Sound of Thunder: Tyme Sefari Breakout / Expander

The Harvestman presents the A Sound of Thunder, the official expander for the loop sampler Tyme Sefari Mk II.Tyme Sefari is extended by a right input and output and stereo sampling with the Breakout module. With this module, the Eurorack Modular System is further extended by a series of switches and gate controls that enable additional modes (Audio Format Control, Pitch Shift Mode, Stereo Mode, Circuit Bending).

Tyme Sefari Mk II Tips


  • Fabricante: The Harvestman
  • TE / HP: 15
  • Modulart: Amostra