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lightmaXX VERSA 1000 RGB Laser 1W RGB, 3D, SD-Card, ILDA, DMX

Artigo: LIG0011921-000
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The LightmaXX VERSA 1000 RGB Laser is a 1 Watt laser with many functions and connection possibilities. The VERSA 1000 is an ...  Todas as informações do produto

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VERSA 1000 RGB Laser 1W RGB, 3D, SD-Card, ILDA, DMX

The LightmaXX VERSA 1000 RGB Laser is a 1 Watt laser with many functions and connection possibilities. The VERSA 1000 is an RGB graphics-capable laser that is perfect for mobile users and permanent installations. The special feature of the laser is the 3D effect, e.g. the beams have a 3 dimensional effect. There are many control options, the internal programs and patterns can be controlled via DMX, the laser can be controlled via the ILDA interface via a laser software. If there is no DMX desk or ILDA interface nearby, the LightmaXX VERSA 1000 RGB has a standalone and Sound 2 Light mode. A microphone for Sound 2 Light mode has been installed in the device and the sensitivity of the microphone can be adjusted on the back of the laser. For high safety an interlock system has been installed, with the optional interlock emergency switch the laser can be switched off in emergencies.

LightmaXX VERSA 1000 RGB

Overview of the LightmaXX VERSA 1000 RGB:

  • Laser protection class 4
  • Working temperature window 10° - 40°.
  • 300 mW 650nm Red CW
  • 100 mW 532nm Green CW
  • 600 mW 450nm blue CW
  • Scanner system: 30.000 pps
  • Power 26 Watt (maximum)
  • DMX connectors 3-pin DMX male/female
  • DMX channels 25
  • ILDA Connectors Standard ILDA DB25
  • Power supply AC100-240V, 50/60Hz
  • Fuse 250V 1.6A Slow Blow (20mm glass)
  • weight 3,25 Kg
  • Size (WxHxD) 360 x 280 x 180mm

Laser protection regulations:

Due to the strong focusing of the laser beam, the entire light energy is concentrated on a small area. If the human eye is hit by this beam, it can cause damage. In particular, there is a risk of eye injuries when looking into the direct beam. Lasers or devices containing a laser are classified according to the accident prevention regulation Laser Radiation[BGV B2]. For safe operation at public events, a laser protection officer[radiation protection according to VBG 93 §6 (BGV-B2)]] must be appointed. For installations in public buildings (discotheques, multi-purpose halls, restaurants, etc.), the systems must be approved by the locally responsible TÜV or the employers' liability insurance association. The regulations for the operation of a showlaser system valid in Germany must be observed. Please contact your local employers' liability insurance association and the responsible TÜV authority for more information.

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