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Asparion D400T + D400F Bundle

Товар: PCM0014212-000
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This bundle includes the Asparion D400T and the Asparion D400F. This combination is an excellent addition to every Audio-record...  Вся информация о товаре

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Asparion D400F + D400T Bundle

DAW controller bundle

This bundle includes the Asparion D400T and the Asparion D400F. This combination is an excellent addition to every Audio-recording plan or for the beginner as its first user interface. It expands and personalize every studio and every workstation with its uncountable individualization options.

Asparion D400T:

The Asparion D400T DAW controller offers an all-purpose user interface for a state-of-the-art music production. Designed for maximum productivity it adapts to your needs unconditionally. With countless LED push buttons there is no limit to your creativity. In its function as a Controller it coveres a wide range of sequencers i.a. Steinberg Cubase, Apple Logic, Presonus Studio One and many more. In addition to this it is a very versatile User-Interface for almost every Recording application and should not be missed in the modern Homerecording studio. The D400T comes with a very robust aluminium case and a small size that lets this DAW controller fits in every Studio and on every desk.


  • 8 endless rotary encoders with snap
  • 4 LED rings with 15 LEDs each
  • 21 programmable LED push buttons
  • jog wheel with shuttle
  • 2x 6,35mm sockets for expression and sustain pedal
  • USB B 2.0 connector
  • connector for extension
  • 238 x 137 x 33mm (chassis)
  • Compatible with Windows (Vista/7/8/10), Linux and Mac

Asparion D400F:

The Asparion D400F DAW Controller is a modular addtion to the D400T that upgrades the D400T with additional faders and individually programmable LED-buttons to enlarge your user interface for enhanced control over your Recording-software. In combination with the D400T it fits in every Recording-studio and is expandable up to 64 faders and a even larger amount of LED-buttons. The D400F module for itself comes with 8 faders and 24 programmable LED-knobs which is an enrichment for every homerecording or studiorecording musician. Furthermor its designed like the D400T: a timeless and simple aluminiumcase with a small size that lets this great DAW controller find its place in almost every workstation.


  • extension for the D400T, no stand-alone use
  • 8 touch-sensitive 100mm ALPS motor faders with a resolution of up to 12bit (4000 steps)
  • 24 programmable LED push buttons
  • 9V power supply
  • connector for another extension
  • 238 x 238 x 33mm (chassis)
  • Compatible with Windows (Vista/7/8/10), Linux and Mac

!!!In this bundle the D400T + D440F are included!!!

!!! 3 Years Music Store Warranty !!!

!!! 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee !!!


  • Производитель: Asparion
  • Платформа: Mac/PC
  • Интерфейс: USB
  • Протокол: MIDI
  • Количество фэйдеров: 8
  • Длина фэйдеров (мм): 100
  • Количество регуляторов: 8
  • Функция транспортировки: Да
  • Подключение ножного переключателя: Да
  • Моторизованный фэйдер: Да
  • Чувствительный к передвижению: Да
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