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Bastl Instruments Knitt Rider

Товар: SYN0005240-000
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The Bastl Instruments Knit Rider Eurorack Trigger Gate Sequencer is a versatile and modern 6-voice trigger sequencer...  Вся информация о товаре

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Crease Rider

Trigger Gate sequencer

The Bastl Instruments Knit Rider Eurorack Trigger Gate Sequencer is a versatile and modern 6-voice trigger sequencer.  Each of its 4 bars contains 16 steps, which in turn contain 4 sub-steps a total of 256 steps per pattern.  There are 64 patterns all together and this allows the user to create intricate and very detailed patterns with the same speed as classic 16 step sequencers.  The bar buttons are for navigating inside the 4 bars and show the substeps that can be edited when pressed.

The Knit Rider’s active step feature allows you to set a specific number of steps individually for each or all voices.  Individual steps can be deactivated mid-sequence.  Each voice has a mute feature and can be in trigger or gate mode.  Record sequences by tapping voice buttons.  The jump feature allows repetition within the sequence and is ideal for non-linear playback.  The tempo can be master/slave and the clock input ratio can be adjusted accordingly. 

The main features of the Bastl Instruments Knit Rider Eurorack Trigger Gate Sequencer are:

  • 6 Voices, Each With Individual Outputs
  • 64 Patterns: 4 Bars Each
  • 16 Steps Per Bar/4 Sub-Steps
  • Simple Fast Real-Time Editing
  • Record Function With Quantisation Settings
  • Mute Function for Each Voice
  • Jump Function
  • Adjustable Master Tempo
  • MicroSD Slot at Rear for Saving Work
  • 5 Volt Outputs
  • Oak Wood Front Panel



  • Производитель: Bastl Instruments
  • TE / HP: 16
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