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Bastl Instruments Tromsø VCO, Comparator, S&H

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The Bastl Tromsø is a VCO comparator. Tromsø is a combination of 3 basic utility modules: VCO, Compara...  Вся информация о товаре

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The Bastl Tromsø is a VCO comparator. Tromsø is a combination of 3 basic utility modules: VCO, Comparator and Sample & Hold. Internal normalisation allows you to instantly use it as voltage controllable analog downsampler. The sample rate is set by it's VCO Rate and a “dry/wet” mix effect which is achieved by adjusting the Threshold when in the Track & Hold mode. that combines three essential utility functions in one module: VCO, comparator and sample & hold. Primarily, the module takes care of analog, through CV controllable down-sampling (reducing the sample rate). The circuit design was based on a machine called Distortotron in 1994, when the first analog down sampler and bit-distorter were built. It was designed to aliasing vintage samplers and replicate in order to realize violent LO-FI effects which character is responsible for the so-called Tromsø Sound.

The main features of The Bastl Tromso include:

  • 5HP
  • Triangle core VCO
  • Two different VCO oscillation Normalized VCO output
  • Threshold comparator controller
  • S & H section with gate input, input and output
  • Sample & Hold Mode


  • Производитель: Bastl Instruments
  • TE / HP: 5
  • Type of Modul: FX
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