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Black Lion Audio Auteur Preamp 500 1-Kanal Preamp, 500er Format

Товар: REC0010157-000V000031681
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Black Lion Audio Auteur 500 Preamp

Item in good condition, packaging used

The Auteur offers a high speed input stage that picks up lots of detail and nuance followed by a high current output stage. The circuit provides a lot of headroom and the input stage is very difficult to clip. Thanks to its fully balanced design, the Auteur can handle large input signals with ease. In order to have a classic transformer-based characteristic the BLA team added a 600 ohm M-6 silicon steel output transformer to give the audio a thick quality that's reminiscent of a prized vintage preamp.

Features: Single Cahnnel Preamp Hi-Z input Gain: 0-66dB THD+Noise: -110dB @ 1 kHz Headroom: 30dB Input impedance: 8k Output impedance: 600 ohms Input connection: XLR Output connection: TRS Power: 24VAC external supply

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