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Boomwhackers Basic School Set SET04 incl. Tasche

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The ABW-SET04 Basic School Set is a collection of Boomwhackers, colourful long plastic percussive tone tubes aimed at children.  Вся информация о товаре

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ABW-SET04 Basic School Set

Tubes from Boomwhackers

The Boomwhackers ABW-SET04 Basic School Set is a collection of colourful tone tubes of various sizes, brought together in an easily carriable case.

Boomwhackers are long plastic tubes in different sizes and colors. The different colours mark different tones. This set consists of 28 tubes and two sets of octavator caps, which octave the fundamental note downwards. All tubes are harmonically matched and represent the chromatic scale (C' - C''). Boomwhackers are aimed primarily at children and are perfect for playing music together in a group and for early musical education. In this way rhythmic patterns can be learned in a vivid and playful way and additionally spice up the music lessons. Included in delivery is a practical bag for transport and storage.

The main features of the Boomwhackers ABW-SET04 Basic School Set include:

  • 3x C, 1x C#, 3x D, 1x D#, 3x E, 2x F, 2x F#, 3x G, 1x G#, 3x A, 2x A#
  • 2x Sets of Octavator Caps (x16 Individual Pieces)
  • Tote Bag


  • Производитель: Boomwhackers
  • Материал: Пластик
  • Чехол/Кейс в комплекте: Да
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