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Clavia Nord Drum 3P, Drum Synthesizer with Pads

Товар: DRU0034623-000
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The Nord Drum 3P is an analogue drum synthesizer and combines the previously separated components of the North Drum and Nord Pa...  Вся информация о товаре

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CLAVIA Nord Drum 3P Digital Percussion Pad

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The Nord Drum 3P is an analogue drum synthesizer and combines the previously separated components of the North Drum and Nord Pad in one unit. This not only offers advantages in transport, but also in assembly and dismantling and, of course, in user friendliness. The Nord Drum 3P Drum Synthesizer was also improved with features such as a simplified user interface.

CLAVIA Nord Drum 3P Top-Ansicht

What is new with the Nord Drum 3P?

The most striking feature is the new housing of the Nord Drum 3P, in contrast to previous models, the actual synthesizer as well as the velocity-dynamic drum pads are housed in a single device. This not only eliminates the need to connect the two components via cables, the Nord Drum 3P can also be accommodated in a drum set-up, as only one mounting option is needed. Just like the Nord Pad, the Nord Drum 3P has a total of 6 playing surfaces that can be assigned any sounds at will. In addition, there is a trigger input for an (optional) kickpad so that the Nord Drum 3P can also be operated stand-alone.

CLAVIA Nord Drum 3P

Improved Usability and Performance Upgrades

The Nord Drum 3P is not just a combination of Nord Drum and Nord Pad, as sensible upgrades were made both in the usability as well as in the technical performance. The user interface is much clearer, so the sounds can be selected and assigned to the pads faster. In addition, presets for bass drums, snare drums, toms, etc. are already stored in simple libraries, from which you can choose comfortably. The presets are divided into a total of ten categories, so you do not have to search for the sound you are looking for.

Effects such as delay and reverb are adjustable separately for all six channels, just like all other effects. A MIDI connection is available on the back of the synthesizer for use with other pads.


  • 6-Channel Percussion Synthesizer
  • Integrated Multipad
  • Kick pad input
  • MIDI In / Out
  • Simplified user interface with child-friendly sound selection
  • Individual sound preset libraries for kicks, snares, toms and more
  • Advanced Sound Engine with Resonant Synthesis, Subtractive Synthesis and FM Synthesis
  • Reverb and delay effects, individually adjustable for each channel
  • Drive, crush, and EQ effects
  • Stereo output with improved output level
  • Headphone output with improved output level


  • Производитель: Clavia
  • Внутренние эффекты: Да
  • Подключение наушников: Да
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