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Dowina Guitars Chardonnay JCE

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If you are looking for an all-rounder for the stage or the couch and attach particular importance to high-quality equipment ...  Вся информация о товаре

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Dowina Chardonnay JCE

Solid Jumbo acoustic guitar with Dolomite spruce top, sides and back made of solid walnut, the L.R. Baggs Stage Pro Element pickup and a cutaway

If you are looking for an all-rounder for the stage or the couch and attach particular importance to high-quality equipment and a voluminous sound, you should take a closer look at the Dowina Chardonnay JCE. The guitar factory on the blue Danube uses only the best tonewoods, which are lovingly crafted by hand. The Dowina JCE-S Chardonnay Jumbo surprises with an extremely powerful and balanced sound. The L.R. Baggs Stage Pro Pickup delivers the sovereign sound for the stage.

A solid Dolomite spruce top with a body of solid walnut wood provides powerful and warm bass, nuanced and assertive mids, as well as crystal-clear highs. Chrome-plated Grover tuners provide tuning stability and precise tuning, while the integrated cutaway also makes it possible to play in higher registers. The discreet look is refined with diamond-shaped mother-of-pearl inlays on the rosewood fingerboard. In addition, a compensated bone bridge insert ensures optimum resonance transmission and clean intonation.

The Dowina Chardonnay JCE Natural Stage Pro is a real electro-acoustic guitar with a pickup system by pickup expert L.R. Baggs. Known for its organic and vivid reproduction, the L.R. Baggs Stage Pro Element System consists of an under-saddle transducer in the form of a wafer-thin sensor under the bridge insert and the active Stage Pro preamplifier, which brings the picked up sound image to the correct signal strength for amplifiers and recording devices. The built-in tuner ensures a clean tuning and a phase switch and notch filter have been implemented to prevent feedback. The amplified sound is transparent, dynamic and extremely natural.

Dowina Chardonnay JCE

The Dowina Chardonnay JCE at a glance:

  • Solid electroacoustic guitar Jumbo with cutaway
  • Dolomite spruce top, sides and back made of walnut for a wide and dynamic sound spectrum
  • L.R. Baggs Stage Pro Element Pickup for the sovereign stage sound
  • Compensated bone bar inlay for optimal resonance transmission
  • Chrome-plated Grover tuners for tuning stability

Dowina guitars in video


  • Производитель: Dowina Guitars
  • Серия: Vintage Series
  • Дезайн: Jumbo
  • Вырез: Да
  • Топ: Доломитовая ель
  • Верхняя дека из массива: Да
  • Покрытие передней деки: Матовый
  • Задняя дека и обечайки: Красное дерево
  • Задняя дека и обечайки из массива: Да
  • Покрытие задней деки и обечаек: Матовый
  • Окантовка: Клен
  • Гриф: Красное дерево
  • Накладка грифа: Палисандр
  • Inlays: Diamond
  • Количество ладов: 20
  • Тип верхнего порожка: Кость буйвола
  • Ширина верхнего порожка в мм: 45
  • Мензура в мм: 648
  • Бридж: Rosewood
  • Bridge Inlay: Buffalo bone
  • Колки: Dowina Black
  • Фурнитура: Черный
  • Количество струн: 6
  • Производитель звукоснимателей: L.R. Baggs
  • Конфигурация звукоснимателей: Stage Pro Element
  • Тюнер: Да
  • Пикгард: Transparent
  • Бобышки бриджа: Пластик, черный
  • Цвет: Natural
  • Страна-производитель: Словакия
  • Кейс в комплекте: Нет
  • Чехол в комплекте: Нет
  • Сертификат: Нет
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