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Fame DP-9000

Товар: EPI0000909-000
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The Fame DP-9000 has 88 velocity-sensitive keys, which are equipped with a very realistic hammer mechanism. This simulates the ...  Вся информация о товаре

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Fame DP-9000

Digital Piano Matt Black

The Fame DP-9000 has 88 velocity-sensitive keys, which are equipped with a very realistic hammer mechanism. This simulates the natural feel of an acoustic piano. With this authentic keyboard, you have the feeling of playing an acoustic piano right from the start.

The DP-9000 contains 672 sounds, starting with a very natural piano sound, guitars, wind instruments, orchestral sounds and modern synthesizer sounds. This piano comes with a variety of accompaniment arrangements, allowing you to practice without a band. A total of 240 styles are available that allow you to play jazz, traditional, or modern dance music.

The DP-9000 has a 7” colour-coded touch-display allowing you to interact with every function this piano has to offer, including the selection of sounds, rhythms or complex programming such as effects settings or recording. A built-in MIDI and audio recorder enables the player to record up to 500 songs, but if this is not enough, you are also able to record directly to a USB stick (WAV / MP3 / WMA) and then edit it on a computer.

  • Keys: 88x Hammer Action, Velocity Sensitive
  • Max. Polyphony: 128
  • Sound Generation: Digital
  • Style Arranger
  • Adjustable Velocity Curve
  • USB MIDI Interface
  • Built-In MIDI & Audio Recorder
  • Integrated Effects Processor
  • Sounds: 672
  • Styles: 240
  • Faders: 2
  • Pads: 8
  • Knobs: 4
  • Pedals: 3
  • Display: 7” Colour-Coded Touch
  • Connections: LINE IN/OUT, MIC IN, Headphones, USB Port
  • Finish: Matte Black


  • Manufacturer: Fame
  • Colour: Schwarz
  • Surface: Matted
  • Construction / Number of Keys: 88
  • Hammer Action: Ja
  • Velocity sensitive: Yes
  • Sound Generation: Digital
  • Style Arranger: Ja
  • Adjustable Velocity Curve: Ja
  • Number of Faders: 2
  • Number of Pads: 8
  • Number of Knobs: 4
  • Display: Yes
  • USB MIDI Interface: Ja
  • Headphone Connection: Ja
  • Mounting Options: MIDI and Audio Recorder
  • Storage Media: USB Stick
  • Speakers: Ja
  • MIDI Interface: Ja
  • LINE IN: Ja
  • LINE OUT: Ja
  • Microphone Input: Ja
  • incl. Power Adapter: Ja
  • Weight (kg): 69,0
  • Lyric / Score Function: Ja
  • Integrated Effects Processor: Yes
  • Number of Sounds: 672
  • Number of Styles: 240
  • Polyphony: 128
  • Keyboard Split: Ja
  • Power Supply: Netzteil extern
  • Version: Triple Pedal
  • Width (cm): 139,8
  • Height (cm): 92,3
  • Depth (cm): 64,5