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Fame audio MSW Pro 4 Vocal

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As in many other areas, FAME Audio has proven that quality does not necessarily have to be expensive. Whether loudspeakers, pow...  Вся информация о товаре

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Fame Audio MSW Pro 4 Vocal Stand - Set

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Fame audio MSW Pro 4 Vocal

Wireless Microphone System with 4 Transmitting Mics and Accessories

MSW Pro 4 Vocal Dual Set

As in many other areas, FAME Audio has proven that quality does not necessarily have to be expensive. Whether loudspeakers, power amplifiers, microphones or accessories - FAME Audio offers optimum solutions for every event in all price ranges. It is no different with the wireless systems and therefore also with the MSW Pro 4 Vocal Quad radio microphone system, which is not only characterized by a good sound, but also shows stability during transmission and an intuitive operation. The automatic channel search in the registration free frequency range also makes work easier for every technician, even when time is running out, as is often the case. Whether amateurs or professionals - artists will also enjoy the sound and operation of the 4 cardioid microphones, which score points with a wide frequency spectrum and equally simple operation. The rack mounting possibility, the included suitable power supply units and an output jack round off the overall package.

MSW Pro 4 Receiver

The MSW Pro 4 receiver is the heart of the set and offers several functions that make working in the radio range easier. First of all, the unregistered frequency range is a big plus, as the search for free frequencies is much easier. The MSW-PRO2 uses the scan button to search for free frequencies and confirms them with a "Scan ok" on the OLED displays. Of course, it is also possible to manually select the suggested frequencies and channels using the menu button: There are 2 groups of 8 frequencies each and a memory bank for storing your favourites.

In addition, the receiver automatically searches for free channels and synchronizes itself with the transmitters at the push of a button. All you have to do is point the IR interface of the handheld microphones at the receiver and off you go!

The rear panel contains all the necessary connections for transmitting and receiving of the signals. On the left and right, the included antennas can be attached - with which a transmission range of up to 60m is possible - while the XLR and jack outputs offer connections to the mixer. The Mix-Out is for the complete mix including all microphone signals, while there is one XLR outputs for each one of the microphones. The system is operated with the supplied power supply unit.

Another useful feature is that the receiver can also be easily installed in racks to ensure a tightly bolted and therefore even safer installation of the kit.

MSW Pro Hand Transmitter

The operation of the MSW Pro handheld transmitters is also very simple, while the robust housing and above all the good sound already convince during testing. Thanks to the automatic synchronization of the devices, the four dynamic microphones simply have to be switched on and held in front of the receiver with the IR interface (provided the sync button has been pressed on the receiver).

The microphones offer a wide frequency response from 50Hz - 16KHz for every kind of voice. The cardioid characteristic always prevents feedback problems even in difficult environments, while the on/off switch can be operated at any time without losing the current frequency or disconnecting from the receiver. Last but not least, the built-in LED display clearly shows the most important information.

The frequency

The MSW Pro operates in the registration free frequency band 823 - 832 Mhz & 863 - 865 Mhz.

The agony of choice

FAME Audio also offers the MSW Pro 2 version, which includes a total of 2 MSW Pro handheld transmitters or the Pro 1 version, with a handheld transmitter and the optional 19" mounting kit.


  • Производитель: Fame audio
  • Тип капсюля: Динамический
  • Polar Pattern: Кардиоид
  • Переключатель Вкл/Выкл: Да
  • Частотный диапазон от (Гц): 50
  • Частотный диапазон до (Гц): 16.000
  • Мощность батареи: Да
  • Переключаемые частоты: Да
  • Частотная полоса: UHF
  • Разнообразие: Да
  • Отсоединяемая антенна: Да
  • Беспроводная система: Вокальный
  • Клэмп в комплекте: Нет
  • Чехол для микрофона в комплекте: Нет
  • Кабель в комплекте: Да
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