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Ibanez j.custom JCRG12-BLE Bluish-Purple Hauyne

Товар: GIT0038492-000
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IBANEZ j.custom JCRG12-BLE Bluish-Purple Hauyne

Electric guitar with Reigelahorn top, DiMarzio pickups and Edge-Zero tremolo, including case and certificate

With the Ibanez j.custom JCRG12-BLE Bluish-Purple Hauyne, the Custom Guitar Craft Division of the traditional Japanese company shows once again that it knows how to produce first-class electric guitars for rock and metal. The Ibanez j.custom JCRG12 is made of carefully selected woods, using mahogany and curly maple for the body and maple for the neck. The proven set of DiMarzio The Tone Zone and Air Norton is used as pickups, while an Edge-Zero Tremolo with ZPS3 and Gotoh tuners rounds off the equipment.

IBANEZ j.custom JCRG12-BLE Bluish-Purple Hauyne

The Ibanez j.custom JCRG12 is built by the Ibanez Custom Guitar Craft Division and convinces with first-class workmanship, selected woods and high-quality components.

IBANEZ j.custom JCRG12-BLE Bluish-Purple Hauyne Rückseite

The Ibanez JCRG12-BLE Bluish-Purple Hauyne is manufactured with a continuous maple neck and body wings made of mahogany.

Ibanez j.custom RG12: First class woods and flawless workmanship

For the construction of the Ibanez j.custom JCRG12 the guitar builders of the Ibanez Custom Guitar Craft Division rely on carefully selected woods of the highest quality, which become a first-class electric guitar due to their flawless and detailed workmanship. The central element here is the continuous, three-striped maple neck, which promises a quickly appealing sound with long sustain. The body grand pianos made of light African mahogany are glued to these, ensuring a pleasant warm sound, while the closed translucent maple top in a transparent blue finish sets noble optical accents.

IBANEZ j.custom JCRG12-BLE Bluish-Purple Hauyne Kopfplatte2

With 43 mm saddle width the neck offers enough space for a clean fingering. The special design of the clamping saddle makes a string holder superfluous.

Unhindered playing comfort on the "Original Wizard" profile

For first-class playability, the neck of the Ibanez JCRG12 is provided with the "Original Wizard" profile by the Custom Guitar Craft Division, which has earned Ibanez the reputation as the brand with the fastest necks. With just 17 mm of wood under the first fret, which rises to 20 mm towards the body, the neck is light and comfortable in the hand, so that any playing technique is easy to handle. The rosewood fingerboard with 43 mm saddle size and flat 17" radius offers enough space for a clean fingering between its 24 frets, which can be perfectly reached thanks to the flowing neck and body transition. Precious offset dot inlays made of abalone and bright side dots on the fretboard flank also provide the best orientation.

IBANEZ j.custom JCRG12-BLE Bluish-Purple Hauyne Korpus

Two DiMarzio humbuckers provide versatile rock and metal sounds on the amplifier. The Edge-Zero Tremolo convinces with absolute tuning stability.

DiMarzio Humbucker for versatile sounds

The Ibanez j.custom JCRG12 Bluish Purple Hauyne uses two humbuckers from the New York pickup company DiMarzio, which promise a versatile sound on the amplifier. The DiMarzio DP155F The Tone Zone delivers a hot sound on the bridge with powerful bass and a distinct mid-range spectrum, which can be perfectly controlled via the touch, thus enabling expressive electric guitar playing. On the neck, however, the DiMarzio DP193F Air Norton provides a particularly warm, yet airy sound that is equally suitable for singing solos or clean chord work. With the 5-way blade switch the humbuckers can be called up in different wiring options, so that a particularly variable range of different timbres is available.

IBANEZ j.custom JCRG12-BLE Bluish-Purple Hauyne Kopfplatte

The Gotoh tuners of Ibanez j.custom RG convince with absolute precision.

Edge-Zero tremolo and Zero Point system

The hardware equipment of the Ibanez j.custom JCRG12-BLE Bluish-Purple Hauyne is composed of first-class components. The Ibanez Edge-Zero Tremolo serves as a bridge on the body, allowing the decoration of solos with dive bombs and squeals and even the most extensive Whammy Bar inserts to be inserted without detuning. The Edge-Zero is also combined with the ingenious ZPS3 Zero Point System, which provides the tremolo with a fixed zero point so that the tuning is maintained even in the event of a broken string. At the headstock, the strings are guided via the Ibanez Locking saddle, whose special design makes a separate string holder superfluous, to the Gotoh tuners, which convince with indestructible functionality and highest precision. The Ibanez j.custom RG is also equipped with Gotoh Free Lock II belt holders that hold the instrument securely.

The Ibanez j.custom JCRG12-BLE at a glance:

  • Electric guitar, made by Ibanez Custom Guitar Craft Division
  • African mahogany body with curly maple top
  • Full-length, three-striped maple neck with "Original Wizard" profile and rosewood fingerboard
  • DiMarzio DP155F The Tone Zone and DP193F Air Norton Humbucker
  • Ibanez Edge-Zero Tremolo with ZPS3 Zero Point System, Gotoh diecast mechanisms, Gotoh Free Lock II strap holder
  • Including Ibanez case and certificate


  • Производитель: Ibanez
  • Серия: J.Custom
  • Дезайн: RG
  • Корпус: Красное дерево
  • Топ: Огненный клен
  • Окантовка: Натуральный
  • Гриф: 3_слойный, клен
  • Конструкция грифа: Neck-through-body
  • Профиль грифа: Wizard
  • Толщина у 1го лада: 17
  • Толщина у 12го лада: 20
  • Накладка грифа: Палисандр
  • Радиус накладки грифа в дюймах: 17
  • Мензура в мм: 648
  • Количество ладов: 24
  • Инкрустация накладки грифа: Offset Dots
  • Тип верхнего порожка: Контргайка
  • Ширина верхнего порожка в мм: 43
  • Ширина у последнего лада: 56
  • Звукосниматель: HH
  • Производитель звукоснимателей: DiMarzio
  • Звукосниматель в позиции возле грифа: DP193 Air Norton
  • Звукосниматель в позиции возле бриджа: DP155 The Tone Zone
  • Активные звукосниматели: Нет
  • разделение катушек: Нет
  • Пьезо-электрический звукосниматель: Нет
  • Переключатель: 3-х позиционный
  • Регулятор: Vol, Tone
  • Бридж: Ibanez Edge Zero with ZPS3
  • Колки: Gotoh
  • Пуговица для ремня: Gotoh Free Lok
  • Фурнитура: Хром
  • Калибр струн: .009 - .042
  • Заводская настройка: Standard E
  • Страна-производитель: Япония
  • Покрытие: Глянцевый
  • Цвет: Bluish-Purple Hauyne
  • Количество струн: 6
  • Кейс в комплекте: Да
  • Чехол в комплекте: Нет
  • Сертификат: Да
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