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LUKE LPD-1 Dual Patchbay für DVS

Товар: DJE0003725-000
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2 DJs with 2 digital vinyl control systems (DVS) often means a hectic rush at the DJ-mixer and turntables, and a huge relief w...  Вся информация о товаре

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LUKE LPD-1 Dual Patchbay for DVS

2 DJs with 2 digital vinyl control systems (DVS) often means a hectic rush at the DJ-mixer and turntables, and a huge relief when everything works fine after changing the DJ while the music keeps running without interruption. That is history – the future is called LUKE LDP-1. The LUKE LDP-1 is a dual patch bay, where 2 DVS systems (for example Rane Serato Scratch Live etc) can be connected and be used at the same time. The LDP-1 can be installed in a fixed set-up in a club by using the included 19" rack-adapters, and can be connected to the existing DJ set-up. Thanks to the compact construction and low weight, the Luke LDP-1 is also suitable for mobile use.

With the Luke LDP-1, two DJs in a row can use their digital systems without a musical interruption when changing the DJ. While one DJ is playing, in the meantime a DVS can be connected to or disconnected from the Luke LDP-1, with no problems.

LUKE LPD-1 Dual Patchbay features: connection possibility for up to 2 digital interfaces 4 switchable phono/CD inputs for 2 digital interfaces 4 line outputs from 2 digital interfaces on/off switch for each interface signal 1 stereo aux input to loop through from DJ-mixer 1 stereo aux output to loop through to DJ-mixer on the back connections for turntable, CD-player and ground on the back phono, line and interface connections to DJ-mixer fast and easy mounting, for using as a desktop or fixed installation design in matt black high quality workmanship, steel housing 19" rack adapters included 8 stereo RCA-cable included made in Europe

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