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Roland LX-7 BW

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The Roland LX-7 Upright Digital Piano Dark Walnut is an upright digital piano, featuring 88 keys PHA-50 keyboard woo...  Вся информация о товаре

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Roland LX-7 CB

Roland LX-7 CB Изображение товара
  • Производитель: Roland
  • Цвет: Черный
  • Поверхность: Матовый
  • Конструкция/количество клавиш: 88
  • Hammer Action: Да
  • ...
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Roland LX-7 PE

Roland LX-7 PE Изображение товара
  • Производитель: Roland
  • Цвет: Черный
  • Поверхность: Глянцевый
  • Конструкция/количество клавиш: 88
  • Hammer Action: Да
  • ...
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ROLAND LX-7 BW Digital-Piano Nussbaum Dunkel

Digital Piano Walnut Dark

The Roland LX-7 Upright Digital Piano Dark Walnut is an upright digital piano, featuring 88 keys PHA-50 keyboard wood plastic hybrid, with a dark walnut finish. The LX-7 is powered by the latest version of Roland's acclaimed SuperNATURAL Piano Modeling technology, along with a unique keyboard that blends wood and molded materials for great feel and durability. The LX-7 connects via Bluetooth technology to your smartphone or tablet so you can hear your music-making apps or online piano lessons through the powerful six-speaker sound system. And even though it’s compact, the classically-styled LX-7 will definitely make a big impact in your home. The SuperNATURAL Piano uses the latest modeling technology to recreate, rather than replay, the sound of a piano note. The unique modeling process spans the entire sound creation process of a typical piano including the combination of notes played, their resonance and the way in which the piano’s many elements interact with each other. The result is a rich, complex sound - complete with overtones - that actually changes in response to the way you play.

Roland’s Acoustic Projection speaker system reproduces the rich, immersive sound experience of an acoustic grand piano. The LX-7 houses a three-way, six-speaker system, and each section fulfils a specific role in delivering superior piano tone. The powerful cabinet speakers produce the all-enveloping main piano sound, while the top-mounted spatial speakers reproduce the resonance of the piano’s frame. The LX-7 has a new type of keyboard that blends wood and molded material for the best of both worlds; beautiful wooden sides give each key a familiar, rigid mass. Each key has a stabilizing pin to ensure the vertical travel of the key is smooth and precise, avoiding the sideways key movement and noise experienced when playing glissandos on some pianos.

The main features of the Roland LX-7 Upright Digital Piano Dark Walnut include:

  • Uses the latest SuperNATURAL Piano Modeling technology instead of conventional sampling, for a far richer, more detailed piano sound
  • Acoustic Projection system, with six speakers that work together to recreate the deep, rich sound field of an acoustic piano
  • Headphones 3D Ambience technology for natural, realistic sound when practicing on headphones
  • Authentic grand piano touch from the new PHA-50 (Progressive Hammer Action with Escapement) keyboard combining the appearance and feel of wood with the durability of modern materials
  • Also includes a large, versatile selection of non-piano sounds such as strings, brass, organ, and many others
  • 25 registrations for storing favourite sound setups, including layers and splits; registration groups can be backed up to a USB memory stick
  • Classic upright piano cabinet with a compact footprint perfect for smaller spaces
  • Connect your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth technology and practice piano with audio from apps routed through the piano’s speaker system
  • Finish: Dark walnut


  • Производитель: Roland
  • Поверхность: Орех
  • Конструкция/количество клавиш: 88
  • Hammer Action: Да
  • чувствительный к скорости: Да
  • Генерация звука: Цифровой
  • Аранжировщик стилей: Нет
  • Регулируемая скорость вращения: Да
  • Дисплей: Да
  • USB MIDI интерфэйс: Да
  • Подключение наушников: Да
  • Варианты крепления: MIDI и аудио рекордер
  • Сэмплер: Нет
  • Хранилище медиа-файлов: USB Stick
  • Громкоговорители: Да
  • MIDI интерфэйс: Нет
  • Линейный вход: Да
  • Линейный выход: Да
  • Входной разъем для микрофона: Нет
  • Адаптер питания в комплекте: Да
  • Вес (кг): 76,8
  • Количество звуков: 307
  • Полифония: 384
  • Адаптер питания: Адаптер, внешний
  • Версия: Тройная педаль
  • Высота (см): 103,9
  • Ширина (см): 139,1
  • Глубина (см): 44,6
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