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Roland VT-3 AIRA Voice Transformer

Товар: DJE0005088-000
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With the VT-3 Voice Transformer from Roland you can change your voice absolutely convincingly from male to female or vice-versa.  Вся информация о товаре

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Roland VT-3 AIRA Voice Transformer

Transform your voice!

With the VT-3 Voice Transformer from Roland you can change your voice absolutely convincingly from male to female or vice-versa. Using this unbelievable device it is possible to give your voice more volume, to change the tone or even sing with yourself in a duet. When the Robot button is pressed, your voice is transformed into an electronic, robotic voice.

2 scene memories are available to immediately change the voice. These contain preprogrammed settings in order to produce different voice characteristics and to assign them by the push of a button. With the slide fader you can additionally program your own voices and save them in 3 user patches. The Pitch fader is used to raise and lower the pitch of the voice by +/- one octave. By sliding the Formant control upwards it sound as if the vocal chords are shorter. In reverse, the sound of longer vocal chords is achieved by moving the fader downwards. This produces a pitch change while ensuring for a realistic sound. With the Mix Balancer control, original sounds and effects are mixed. With the Reverb fader, a first-class quality stereo echo is applied to the voice.

The Robot button also allows DJs to easily generate Vocoder effects for Techno and Dance events without requiring a keyboard. The VT-3 is ideal for radio stations and video sound production.

Roland VT-3 Features:

  • Voice Transformer
  • Separate Pitch and Formant controls
  • Storage: 3 scene memory
  • Voice Changer: Pitch, Formant, Robot, Character
  • Effect Characteristics: Direct, Auto Pitch1, Auto Pitch2, Vocoder, Synth, Lead, Bass, Megaphone, Radio, Scatter
  • Stereo-Digital-Reverb in first-class quality
  • Level display (PEAK)
  • Bypass-Switch
  • Inputs: MIC In (rear) XLR female with phantom power +48 V and 6.3 mm Mono jack, MIC In (front) 3.5 mm Stereo mini jack
  • Pedal input: 6.3 mm jack for e.g. BOSS FS-5L, FS-5U or DP-2 (pedal optional)
  • Outputs: Main Out 2 x Mono jack 6.3 mm, headphone output 3.5 mm Stereo jack
  • USB: Type B (for audio transmission)
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 210 x 175 x 57 mm Weight: 690 g
  • Incl. User manual, "USING THE UNIT SAFELY" information and power adapter


  • Производитель: Roland
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