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Snareweight Dämpfer #4 Messing, incl. Leder-Damper und Case

Товар: DRU0034167-000
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Snareweight is the easiest way to get the best sound out of your snare drum. These are extremely noble magnetic pads which a...  Вся информация о товаре

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Snareweight Dämpfer Jr. Chrome incl. Jr. Leder-Insert & Case

Snareweight Dämpfer Jr. Chrome incl. Jr. Leder-Insert & Case Изображение товара
  • Производитель: Snareweight
39,41 €
прибл. 2.976,34 руб.

Snareweight Damper M1 Leather

Snareweight Damper M1 Leather Изображение товара
  • Производитель: Snareweight
  • Материал: Кожа
14,20 €
прибл. 1.077,76 руб.
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SNAREWEIGHT Shock #4 Brass, incl. Leather Damper and Case

Snareweight is the easiest way to get the best sound out of your snare drum. These are extremely noble magnetic pads which are attached to the tension tire and filter out the disturbing overtones of the snare drum crystal clear by means of leather bands.


Solid and effective!

The Snareweight dampers are made of extremely robust brass and the finest American leather. The beautifully shaped dampers stick to the tension tire of the snare with the help of a magnet and the interchangeable leather pads are simply hooked in to determine the degree of damping.

The sound can be modified by the different positions and designs of the leather straps, similar to a treble button on a guitar amplifier
; if you want to create a new sound in a few moments, the Snareweight mute eliminates the need to change the percussion

and can also be used for toms to reduce the rattling of the entire set

The magnet fits ONLY on steel clamping wheels, for use with cast clamping wheels, the adapter Pro Lock is required.

Natural compressor

The brass version is slightly heavier than the chrome-plated shock, but both are designed to increase the overall weight of the coat. As a result, the mid and low frequencies of the snare drum sound softer and rounder
, an effect that cannot be caused by anything else and improves the sound noticeably
The unwanted high buzzing of the drum is absorbed by the various leather pads.

Snareweight is a natural compressor that can work wonders in a studio recording or live performance.

Snareweight Mute Brass Features

  • Colour: brass
  • Material: brass
  • New hardware part to refine the drum kit
  • Rounding off the punch
  • Removes interfering, high frequencies and"buzzing".
  • incl. leather shock absorber and transport case


  • Производитель: Snareweight
  • Материал: Латунь
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