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Studio Electronics Levels Mixer 6 Channel flexible Mixer

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LEVELS is a versatile, low-noise six channel summing mixer/attenuator for audio and CV, re-designed by Tim Caswell, which can b...  Вся информация о товаре

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6 Channel flexible Mixer

LEVELS is a versatile, low-noise six channel summing mixer/attenuator for audio and CV, re-designed by Tim Caswell, which can be used rather effectively in a variety of ways: 6 in 1 out, or two separate mixers: 4 in 1 out, and 2 in 1 out, e. g., when only jacked-in to MIX 5/6 output all input channels pass through; utilizing the 1-4 OUT removes channels 1-4 from the MIX 5/6 output. Handy indeed.

The pots are wired with a logarithmic volume curve that is tuned for use with audio but it will work splendidly with CV as well. Pressing LEVELS into service as a wave-shaper by patching all of the individual OSCILLATION waveform outs (sub, sine, tri, saw, ramp, square) into CHANNEL inputs 1-6, makes for vivid beguiling shapes—a morphable hybrid waveform of your innermost sound designs. Consider pairing the two Modstar modules when building your system.

Potentiometer Potential
Six attenuation pots control CHANNEL 1, CHANNEL 2, CHANNEL 3, CHANNEL 4, CHANNEL 5, and CHANNEL 6.

Patch it Up
Eight patch points: CH1 IN, CH 2 IN, CH 3 IN, CH 4 IN, CH 5 IN,
CH 6 IN, 1-4 OUT, MIX/5-6.

All Controls and Patch Points
CHANNEL 1 – Adjusts the level or value of 1.
CHANNEL 2 – Adjusts the level or value of 2.
CHANNEL 3 – Adjusts the level or value of 3.
CHANNEL 4 – Adjusts the level or value of 4.
CHANNEL 5 – Adjusts the level or value of 5.
CHANNEL 6 – Adjusts the level or value of 6.
CH 1 IN – Channel 1 input.
CH 2 IN – Channel 2 input.
CH 3 IN – Channel 3 input.
CH 4 IN – Channel 4 input.
CH 5 IN – Channel 5 input.
CH 6 IN – Channel 6 input.
1-4 OUT – Channels 1-4 output.
MIX/5-6 – All channels output (MIX), or 5-6 when cable is plugged into any of the 1-4 channel inputs.

Size - 10hp
Depth - 25mm with ribbon cable attached
Power Usage - 39mA, 40mA (+12 / -12)


  • Производитель: Studio Electronics
  • TE / HP: 10
  • Type of Modul: Микшер
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