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Waldorf Quantum

Товар: SYN0006211-000
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The Quantum is a 61-note digital/analogue hybrid synthesizer with 3x oscillators, multiple LFOs and 4x methods of synthesis.  Вся информация о товаре

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Waldorf Quantum

Waldorf Quantum Digital/Analogue Hybrid Synthesizer

The Waldorf Quantum is a 61-note high-end digital/analogue hybrid synthesizer which offers 4x kinds of synthesis powered by 3x oscillators (Wavetable, Waveform, Particle and Resonator). The Fatar keyboard is velocity sensitive and features aftertouch and the expected Modulation and Pitch Bend wheels are present on the left of the keys. The functions of the Quantum are expansive, incorporating 8x voices, multiple LFOs, effects processing, FM, Oscillator Sync and Ring Modulation. The centre of the control panel shows all the relevant information in a large high-resolution multi-touch display. This expands the spectrum of possibilities to include sounds that are generally only heard from individual Eurorack modules.

Rear View

The elaborately constructed sounds are routed via the mixer to 2x analogue low-pass filters and processed accordingly. No less than 6x complex LFOs, 6x envelopes, a complex modulator, an extensive modulation matrix with up to 40x entries and the intuitive modulation assignment via control elements and control LEDs provide extensive tools for synthesis.


5x well-designed, freely linkable effect blocks with dedicated controls are provided on the control panel, alongside a compressor on the main output to tame dynamics. The high-resolution multi-touch display allows convenient access to any parameter and visualizes every move on the control panel. This gives you optimal access to the sophisticated arpeggiator and step sequencer; the latter goes beyond recording note values and allows parameter automation and scale-based pitch quantization.


The main features of the Waldorf Quantum include:

  • 61-Note Hybrid Digital/Analogue Polyphonic Synthesizer
  • Fatar TP8 Keyboard with Channel Aftertouch
  • 8x Voices
  • Modulation & Pitch Wheels
  • Split/Layered Dual Timbral Mode
  • 2x Analogue Low-Pass Filters per Voice (24/12dB Switchable with Link Mode)
  • Digital Algorithms per Voice (Comb Filter, High/Low/Band Pass, Notch Filter, Bit Crusher, Drive etc.)
  • Flexible Routing System
  • 6x LFOs
  • 6x Loop Envelopes
  • Complex: Multistage LFO/Envelope Modulator
  • Comprehensive Modulation Matrix (40 Entries)
  • Intuitive Modulation Assignment via Operating Elements & Control LEDs
  • Master Effects with 5x Slots Each (Phaser, Flanger, Chorus, Reverb, Drive, EQ & More)
  • Arpeggiator
  • Step Sequencer (Steprecorder, Parameter Automation & Scale-Based Pitch Quantization)
  • Unison Mode
  • High-Resolution Multi-Touch Display
  • Spectrum Analyser & Oscilloscope
  • Recording Samples via Audio Inputs or Quantum Audio Output
  • Nave Pre-Set Imports
  • 2x Stereo Audio Outputs
  • Stereo Audio Input
  • High-Quality 24-bit A/D & D/A Converters
  • SD Card for Sample/Pre-Set Exchange & Software Updates
  • DIN MIDI In, Out & Thru
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 1006 x 401 x 131mm
  • Weight: 17.8kg

3x Stereo Digital Oscillators with 4x Synthesis Forms:

  • Wavetable: Waldorf Style Wavetable with Nave Technology
  • Waveform: 8x Simultaneous Classic Synthesizer Waveforms per Oscillator
  • Particle: Granular Sampler with Multi-Sampling & Traditional Modes
  • Resonator: Exciter with Multi-Sampling & Filterbank Modelling

Waldorf Quantum Demo #01 by CO5MA


  • Производитель: Waldorf
  • Конструкция/количество клавиш: 61
  • Hammer Action: Да
  • чувствительный к скорости: Да
  • Генерация звука: VA Synthese
  • Арпеджиатор: Да
  • Количество регуляторов: 70
  • Количество клавиш: 20
  • Повышение тона, колесо модуляции: Pitchbend and Modwheel
  • Дисплей: Да, цветной
  • USB MIDI интерфэйс: Да
  • USB-аудио интерфэйс: Да
  • Подключение наушников: Да
  • Встроенная память: 4
  • Хранилище медиа-файлов: Internal Flash Drive
  • MIDI интерфэйс: IN/OUT/THRU, 5-Pin
  • Линейный вход: Да
  • Линейный выход: Да
  • Входной разъем для микрофона: Нет
  • Адаптер питания в комплекте: Да
  • Вес (кг): 17,9
  • Процессор встроенных эффектов: Да
  • Полифония: 8
  • Разделение клавиатуры: Да
  • Адаптер питания: Адаптер, внешний
  • Ширина (см): 100,6
  • Высота (см): 13,1
  • Глубина (см): 40,1
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