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Our Shure InEar DEALS 

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What does Sound Isolating mean?

Sound Isolating earphones block almost 90% of ambient noise. That means: unadulterated sound even at a low volume, which is kind to the ears. This works just as well on stage for in-ear monitoring as it does on the PC or on the go with an MP3 player, mobile phone or iPhone. Optimized for active use on stage, Shure earphones offer the ultimate in wearing comfort. Small, high-performance micro-drivers produce extremely precise sound directly in the ear for high-end sound.

Shure Sound Isolating Earphones

RMCE cable with remote control and microphone for SE earphones

The RMCE cable provides compatibility for all Shure SE Sound Isolating Earphones with detachable cable. The remote control and microphone make it ideal for making phone calls or listening to music on your smartphone or tablet. All packed in a rugged, reinforced 127cm cable.

RMCE-LTG SE Earphone cable with remote control and microphone for iPhone and iPad

The RMCE-LTG cable with MMCX connector offers digital iOS compatibility for all SE Sound Isolating earphones with detachable cable (optional!). It enables high-quality, digital sound enjoyment on the go. Packed in a rugged, reinforced 127cm cable.