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MUSIC STORE professional
– for over 40 years

What is music to you? Whether it is a hobby, career or passion, you will find everything you are looking for here on the MUSIC STORE webshop! For more than 40 years we have utilised our enthusiasm for musical performance and creation to help us build a company that offers a wealth of instruments and equipment. From Guitar Amplifiers to Digital Audio Workstations, Stage Pianos to Complete PA Systems, we offer more than 55,000 items on our online store, in stock and ready for shipping. We provide a range of services including a special 30 Day Money-Back-Guarantee, Low Price Guarantee, Free (Express) Shipping, Free Returns, 0% Finance Payment Options, and plenty of expert advice and workshops to help you make the right decision.

If you are unsure of your choice, come to our mega-store in Cologne to test out your potential new instrument. Most of the instruments we list are available to try out in store, but call ahead and we can let you know. If you decide the product is what you want, you can take it home on the same day in its original packaging – we’ll even help you carry it to your car!

Buy instruments & equipment online – 30-Day-Money-Back-Guarantee

Occasionally it’s love at first sight, but sometimes you may be unhappy with a product’s performance, or you may just change your mind. Have no fear, because here at MUSIC STORE we provide our customers with up to 30 days to return the item for either money back or store credit.

Buy and finance music instruments & accessories online:
securely and comfortably

Thanks to our automated warehouse, we are able to prepare orders for shipping until late into the night. We are proud to offer fast and professional delivery services with all major payment methods available through our online shop. Additionally, if you require some flexibility regarding payment, we provide finance options so you can pay in instalments – with 0% interest!

MUSIC STORE professional: One of the largest music stores in the world

As one of the largest music stores in the world with a retail area of over 5,500m² in our shop and over 15,000m2 of warehouse space, we are extremely proud of our distribution and provision of musical instruments and equipment. Our automated warehouse stands 22m high with over 14,000 pallet spaces! In addition we have a large, automated small parts warehouse with over 15,000 containers! Our team incorporates more than 100 experts to assist your decision making, whilst fully equipped specialist workshops in house for Guitar, Bass, Drum, Light, PA and Wind Instrument departments can help to finalise your choice.

A brief history of DV 247 & Music Store professional

DV247 was founded in 1983 in London and in 2013 it merged with Music Store professional in Cologne, Germany. The flagship DV247 store is located in Romford, Greater London and offers, over a 3000m² large shop floor, warehouse and office space, a large selection of professional instruments and audio equipment. The German flagship store in Cologne, Germany features a 5,500m² showroom plus a huge 24 metre high automated high-bay warehouse with more than 14,000 pallets and 15,000 containers.

Bulk ordering makes it possible.

Through the large purchasing volumes, DV and Music Store are able to source containers directly from manufacturers worldwide allowing us to offer a large range of products at sensationally low prices.

Deals Deals Deals!

Once again, size matters! We regularly purchase large shipments of musical instruments from major manufacturers all over the world... and are happy to pass on the savings to you.

Online Catalogue

We offer not only an international print catalogue (500 pages) with Euro prices... but also an English online catalogue with Pound prices. A catalogue gives you a much quicker overview than any online shop.

Modern online shop

Our shop features responsive design which automatically and seamlessly adjusts the scaling of how the online shop is displayed to the size of any screen.

Package Discounts

The new shop also features a package discount system, which offers an increasing discount with every additional item purchased. This is essentially a digital, automated version of a salesperson giving a customer a discount for large purchases and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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