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The Total Bundle is a package of all plugins from D16. Included are all SilverLine and Classic Boxes effects, the SIGMun...  All product info
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Complete package of all effect plug-ins of the D16 Group

Total Bundle D16 Software

The Total Bundle is a package of all plugins from D16. Included are all SilverLine and Classic Boxes effects, the SIGMund Delay and the LuSH-101 synthesizer. These plug-ins provide electronic musicians and producers of all genres with outstanding effects, most of which are based on the most popular analog effect devices of the past and not only imitate them perfectly, but also extend them with numerous setting options and tools. This includes emulations of the classic Roland -The new 808, 606, 909 and 303, the award-winning SIGMund and Repeater Delays, and D16's flagship LuSH-101 synthesizer - a comprehensive package of the highest quality effects and instrument plug-ins, with settings that more than satisfy sound houseastes of all genres.

Included are the following plugins:

Redoptor 2 - tube Vintage distortion

With the Redoptor Distortion Plugin it D16 Group delivers a tube amp emulator that is in no way inferior to real tube distortion. Thanks to the built-in pre-amp with finely adjustable parameters, this plugin adds extra charm to any sound. The organic tube amp sound has been the gold standard for overdrives and distortions since musicians knowingly distort their guitar signals. The smooth, natural compression, the full mix of even and odd harmonics that tube circuits produce, make any distorted signal more powerful, crisp and vibrant.

Guitarists who open up to the digital world will feel at home with this plugin. The good old warmth, the force and the crunchy sound of your old tube you will surely recognize immediately.
But also music producers and electronic musicians will soon recognize the irreplaceable potential of the Redoptor with its high-quality distortion and rich overtones, which gives each sound the additional character.
Use the plugin to amplify guitar signals, make drum parts sound fatter, sweeten synthesizers and arpeggios and give bass tracks more power, or simply to make too sterile audio tracks in general sound warmer for a truly distinctive, unique character in your music.

Fazortan 2 - 70s analog phaser

The Fazortan 2 is D16 Group a Space Phaser effect plugin that perfectly mimics the analog sound of the 70s devices with all-pass filter. Also with the new version of the phaser, the two key aspects were taken into account: firstly, the hair-precise emulation of an original device with its all-pass filter phase shifter and secondly, the extension of the classic rather sparse features by two large LFO and two Depth rotary switches and many practical tools, which one is now accustomed to from the digital age. Not only synthesizer users but also keyboarders and guitarists make their sound effortlessly unforgettable spherical and retrolike.

Toraverb 2 - Reverb effect plug-in with numerous reverberation adjustment options

The Toraverb 2 provides D16 Group a reverb effect plug-in with a high-quality diffusion network and extensive settings for spatial sound. The numerous options allow the user to generate virtually any type of reverb. New algorithms reduce unwanted, fluttering echoes to a minimum for an optimal illusion of space. With less qualitative reverbs, the reverberation ("tail") often sounds as if it has been cut off. The software development of the Toraverb 2 therefore focused on a consistently pleasant sound for the listener, but also on numerous fine adjustment options for the user. With this versatility, the plugin is aimed at musicians and producers of all genres and instrument classes who want to give their sounds the necessary sound volume with the help of discreet to epic reverb and who want to have every nuance of the effect under control.

Tekturon - Multitap sequenced delay effect plugin with 16 tracks

The Tekturon is a multitap delay effect plug-in D16 Group with 16 independent delay tracks. It differs from the competition by the way it is controlled and by the unique arrangement of the taps, the so-called "delay Matrix ". In fact, the Tekturon plugin is not a conventional tap delay, but the effect is based on a series of taps that are delayed at equal intervals, making the plugin more like a step sequencer. This unusual design decision leaves more room for the creativity of the user. The ergonomics in the sense of the music producer or sound technician of each genre is in the foreground. They can use the Tekturon to make smooth and dull sounding instrument or vocal parts sound fuller and more powerful with a beat-synchronized "echo".

Every aspect of the Tekturon plugin's operation is presented in a visually intuitive way, allowing quick and precise control over every facet of the application. All sixteen delay tracks can be easily tamed using global settings. The ability to comprehend the entire layout of the software with minimal effort allows the user to reach even the most complex goals with exceptional speed.

Decimort 2 - High quality Bit Crusher effect for more Vintage -Sound

Decimort 2 is a Bit Crusher effect plugin from D16 Group Decimort that adds grain, saturation and color to mixes by emulating Vintage the sound of classic samplers. Especially electronic and hiphop productions profit from the sound of a Bitcrushers, which gives the sound that certain, classical something by more "dirt" and "color". This is achieved with the plugin by accurately simulating the circuits of old samplers. The user interface is characterised by its simplicity, which, however, offers extensive setting options behind the first impression.

The plugin offers Lo-Fi sound on Hi-Fi level. What sounds like a contradiction in itself is the basic premise of Decimort 2. Hiphop and electro producers have known for a long time that classical samplers simply give the mix more character through their grain and achieve an overall more interesting and "fat" sound. This is due to the low sample rates and resolutions of the earlier devices. The Decimort 2 perfectly imitates this effect, which is technically a 'lower quality' sound, but in fact simply more pleasant and fuller, giving every mix, bass line and sound the classic magic of old samplers like the early Akai or the E-MU.

Devastor 2 - Multiband Distortion Effect

The Devastor 2 is a distortion plugin D16 Group with a simple and extensive user interface and one of the best diode clippers on the market. It provides an improved and more detailed adjustable version of the distortion, which has also been integrated into D16's Phoscyon. It is used in electronic music to create grainy or warm distortions from synths, but guitar fuzz effects and even overdriven drums sound unique with the Devastor. An effect for electronic musicians, guitarists and drummers with a soft spot for fine tuning and high sound quality.

In addition to distortion sounds for synthesizers, guitars and drums, the Devastor 2 is also ideal for making a sound or mix fuller or smoother. This allows dynamic changes to the preamp parameters to create a warmer and more pleasant sound from any instrument. The special warmth and sonority of the Devastor is based on improved anti-aliasing technology and high-quality diode clipper algorithms.

Antresol - Stereo Flanger Plugin with analog BBD sound

The Antresol plugin D16 Group is a flanger effect for guitarists and producers of all genres, based on analog devices of the 70s. The classic Flanger sound is characterized by a unique sonority with luxurious, harmonic resonance interactions. The effect is therefore ideal for rock guitar riffs or melodic synthesizer leads. Despite its emulation of old devices, the Antresol is much more flexible than its ancestors and thus exactly what a modern effects device is all about.

Users of the Anresol plugin can enjoy the full range of setting options of the BBD (Bucket Brigade Device)-based delay track. These include, for example, calibrating the linearity of the clock system or the number of analog memory cells that form the heart of a BBD. So you can create your own unique flanger sound that still has the richness and warmth of the original Seventies sound.

Syntorus - Chorus effect plugin with analog double path delay

The Syntorus der D16 Group is a chorus effect plugin that offers a rich, rich sound by emulating two analog delay tracks and tremolo effect. Although there are many different chrouse effect plugins on the market, finding one that delivers the classic analog chrouse sound is easier said than done. Even with many high-priced units with extended control parameters, it can be a challenge to tickle out this Vintage chorus sound.
Against this background, the software D16 Group house has developed the Syntorus as a plugin that emulates the full, analog chorus found as an effect on classic synthesizers such as the Solina, Synthex or Juno.
The Syntorus has a unique sound that gives fullness to any instrument with which it is used. Synthetic basses and lead instruments are brought to life. But it also lends extra depth and warmth to acoustic instruments. Whether you're an electronic musician, traditional keyboard pianist or guitarist, you'll be impressed by the vintage sounds of Syntorus.

Nepheton ( Roland TR-808)

Nepheton is a drum machine plugin that D16 Group closely resembles the classic Roland TR-808 synthesizer and emulates its sounds excellently. All sounds and detailed nuances of the original have been perfectly captured. The modules of the plugin were equipped with additional control parameters for Deep Tone and Envelope. The output configurations are extremely flexible, as the audio signal from each module can be routed to one of the 12 outputs. This allows you to redirect each source into a separate aux channel and further refine the sound with other plug-ins. Each output can be set to mono or stereo. For the fans of the original 808, however, the well-known trigger output was also made available.

Thanks to these and many other functions, the Nepheton not only provides you with a wonderful emulation of the 808, it also provides you with numerous helpful tools for the addition, for a fraction of the price of the original device.

Drumazon( Roland TR-909)

The Drumazon is a Drummachine Plugin of the D16 Group TR-909, which is characterized by its almost perfect emulation of the classic Roland TR-909. The instruments are synthesized in exactly the same way as the original so that every nuance of the classic is captured exactly. In addition to the control units of the 909, Drumazon offers extended functionalities that allow an even deeper intervention into the sound. Preset browsers, 11 outputs, and advanced MIDI control give this 909 emulation the capabilities that the 1980s Roland device didn't have, such as extensive MIDI control, mute and solo buttons, multiple operastion modes, random generator, host tempo synchronization, and versatile additional sound tuning parameters.

Nithonat ( Roland TR-606)

Nithonat is a Drum Machine synthesizer plugin from D16 Group TR-606 that emulates the functions of the classic Roland TR-606 and adds more parameters to its functions. Over the years, the sounds of the original signal have been used by various performers in electro, hip-hop, RnB and many other genres. With this plugin you start where others had success and go one step further from there!
The Nithonat contains powerful internal sequencers. The tracks can be edited and modified in a simple and intuitive way thanks to many useful functions. The intuitive user interface makes the sequencer very easy to use.
In addition to the many internal sequencer modes, the Nithonat plugin can also be used as a sound module. All sounds and functions in the Nithonat can be controlled from a host sequencer. This plugin is a drum machine that is affordable in relation to your potential, quick to program and easy to use.

Phoscyon ( Roland TB-303)

The Phoscyon is a bass synthesizer plugin that D16 Group perfectly mimics the sound of classic analog devices, modelled on the Roland TB03 Bass Line. With distortion, arpeggiator, randomizer, play live mode, and vintage-style construction, pattern builder and authentic 18db/oct low-pass filter, hardly any synth fan wish remains unfulfilled.

Connoisseurs of the original Bass Line will be amazed by the unbelievable similarity of the Phoscyon emulation. But the potential does not end with simple imitation. With this plugin you can create sounds that were unthinkable with the original Bass Line. And yet the Phoscyon gives you access to authentic Vintage sounds at a fraction of the cost of the original device. The familiar Bass Line user interface has been adopted and paired with new sound creation tools.

The Phoscyon plugin comes with a unique low pass filter with 18db/oct dumping and constant resonance amplitude over the entire frequency domain. The filter simply sounds great and will make you swear it's an analog device. The synth plugin is also equipped with an arpeggiator (a must in electronic music) and an analog distortion effect, which is especially useful for screaming bass voices.

Repeater - Delay effect plugin with emulation of 23 popular effect devices

With the Repeater Delay, D16 offers a delay plug-in that combines the best of the delay devices of all time. There have been many incredible delay units designed over the last 70 years, from band delays to oil sardine cans to modern digital circuits. And so it was no surprise which model they D16 Group and Slate Digital together built as a plugin: Everybody! So this plugin is just right for producers of vintage sounds and experimental genres who like to enjoy all sound possibilities and are willing to use extraordinary sounds.

At first glance, the Repeater Effect plug-in looks like the typical stereo delay effect processor with independent paths for the left and right channels. In fact, the plugin offers independent re-panning and dry/wet mixing for both stereo channels, making the effect a very flexible double delay. You will be surprised and delighted at how many possibilities this approach offers compared to the usual fixed "tension" effects.

PunchBox - Bassdrum Synthesizer

The PunchBox Plugin D16 Group is a virtual bass drum synthesizer with a library of over 800 presets and 1100 sample sounds. Thanks to its huge and select library of the best presets and sounds, all of which have been approved by the industry pioneers Sounds of Revolution and CFA Sound, music producers and musicians of all genres can create and use their optimum bass drum sound in the shortest possible time - from crisp authentic to booming basses or deliberately low-resolution, rushing beats.

The PunchBox plugin is the best of both worlds: Expressive synthesizer sounds combined with the complexity and abundance of real sample sounds lead you effortlessly and quickly to first-class and revolutionary beats that set you apart from the crowd.
The industry icons Sounds of Revolution and CFA-Sound have prepared for you an arsenal of 100 samples and 800 presets covering virtually every contemporary subgenre of electronic music. So you can easily keep up with the changes in current production trends or set your own trends while still maintaining the highest quality standards. With the well known D16 tagging system you can easily select your desired sound from the list.

LuSH-101 - virtual synthesizer based on the most popular modern synth modules

The LUSH-101 is a synthesizer plugin from D16 Group , which combines the most popular modules of modern and classic synths. This virtual instrument is the synthesizer flagship of D16. Although the user interface appears simple at first, the multi-layered, modular architecture of the interface raises the plugin above the level of conventional polysynths and makes it a powerful, detailed and yet hellishly versatile instrument for the arsenal of electronic musicians from IDM to Ambient to Dubstep.

The multi-layered architecture guarantees virtually unlimited settings for both sound design and the many other situations in which the LUSH-101 is used. Multitimbral sounds can be created very quickly and easily assigned to one of the 8 layers of the same MIDI channel. This results in a wide variety of results, from discreet chorus to absolute sound anarchy. By assigning layers to different zones on the keyboard, you can create complicated splits, and a Splitzone Preset library helps you get started. Of course, you can also assign different layers to different MIDI channels for eight-voice multitimbral use and send the signal to up to 11 audio outputs.

Each layer of the LUSH-101 acts as a stand-alone synthesizer with its own polyphony, parameters and a selection of 8 sophisticated insert effects. In addition, an extended modulation matrix was integrated into each layer. Therefore, even the MIDI output can be used as a modulation source, allowing the creation of complex sequences or simply refreshingly unusual parts.
The LUSH-101 plugin also includes a handy mixer, complete with layer-independent parametric equalizers and rearrangeable compressors. Volume and panning controls as well as first-class effects add the final subtleties to the final output signal.

The LUSH-101 is even suitable for the production of Dubstep or Drum&Bass. Modulate the LFOs and envelopes in conjunction with the unisono mode, and the screaming sound of the lead instruments and the rumbling bass will overwhelm you.
The reason for the outstanding quality of this plugin is not only the experienced musicians and programmers of D16, but also a precise analysis of analog synthesizers, the subsequent implementation of which in the program algorithm highest priority was given to high-quality sounding filters with pleasant warmth. The emulated oscillators sound deceptively accurate like their counterparts in the real world, without aliasing the oscillators, even at 22 kHz above the note's bass frequency. Even vibratos and pitch will not distort the sound and always make it sound authentic. In contrast to many other virtual synthesizers, the LUSH-101 does not suffer from the common phenomenon of losing clarity and power in relation to real models.

So that you don't lose your settings, you can even save them in a preset for each of the 8 layers individually, including the mixer settings. It also includes an extensive pre-built preset library with over 1600 presets created by talented sound designers from around the world. These are sorted in a hierarchical order and searchable with the included Preset Browser, so you can quickly find and use the right sound. Presets are saved as individual files for easy archiving, export and import.

SIGM mouth

The SIGMund plugin D16 Group is a delay with outstanding sound quality, 4 independent delay tracks and numerous settings. It consists of four discrete delay units, each an independent bundle of parameters in its own right, which together offer an incredible amount of freedom of sound shaping. With this enormous range of parameters, it is not only a classic delay, but can also be used as chorus, distortion, filter, tremolo, flanger, or even for mastering. It is not only aimed at electronic musicians, pianists and guitarists, but also at producers of all genres who want to give their mixes more sonority.

Four independent delay tracks

With the SIGM mouth, the whole is more than just the sum of its parts. Each of the four delay tracks contains three complementary modules that are independent of the feedback loop.

  • Multi-mode filter (can be operated inside or outside the feedback loop)
  • overdrive module
  • Amplitude modulator (for tremolo effects)

And not everything: the SIGMund plugin has two general purpose modulators that can be used to auto-modulate some of the internal parameters of the delay tracks. The modulators can work in three modes:

  • LFO - Used discreetly, this brings a sound to life by adding soft, flowing, modulated warmth reminiscent of analog delays of bygone times. At extreme settings, the LFO can distort the input signal beyond recognition into areas that are more like messages from distant alien civilizations.
  • Envelope - A very versatile tool in combination with the built-in Transient Detector. Applied to the amplitudes, it allows you to freely change the sound dynamics to control the interaction with the rest of the mix.
  • Peak follower - A must-have modulator. No other creates such expressive wah-wah effects. In the hands of a capable sound engineer, however, it offers numerous other fields of application.

All of this is combined into an incredibly versatile architecture whose experimental potential can be explored endlessly and whose end result is
hardly predictable. The signal processing solutions chosen by D16 for the implementation of the SIGMund lead to an unprecedented level of sound quality. The signal passing sequentially through each processing block does not suffer any loss of quality between the blocks and no unwanted artifacts are introduced into the signal, as is so often the case with some of the widely used inferior plug-ins. With the SIGMund plugin, every delay track is absolutely free of staircase effects and aliasing: the only colorations you'll ever hear are the ones you knowingly added.

The user interface of the SIGMund Delay plugin has been designed from the ground up to be as intuitive as possible. Everything is literally served as on a silver (or brushed aluminium) tray. Clean, clearly designed and with instant access to each section and its parameters. A handy preset browser allows quick playback of the extensive factory preset library included. This, combined with a novel system of padlock icons to snap in individual presets while other settings can be changed, allows you to quickly and efficiently get to the desired effect.

D16 Group SilverLine Bundle (License Code) Overview

  • Comprehensive software package of all effect plug-ins of the D16 Group

The following products are included:

Redoptor 2

  • Precise emulation of tube circuits
  • Prepared filters
  • Preamplifier with built-in compressor
  • output limiter
  • Parametric Equalizer
  • internal 64-bit processing
  • Tag-based preset browser
  • Two user interface sizes selectable
  • MIDI learn functionality


  • Precise emulation of a classic analog phaser with all-pass filter phase shifter, now even improved in version 2
  • 2 freely controllable LFO rotary switches
  • LFO host synchronization
  • Unique sound that clearly stands out from other digital phasers
  • 64-bit internal processing
  • No overtones or distortions in the output signal
  • Tag-based preset browser
  • Two alternative user interface sizes
  • MIDI learn functionality

Toraverb 2

  • High-quality diffusivity network
  • Pre-delay with optional tempo synchronization
  • Reverb modulation ("tail modulation") on two independent reflection channels ("early" and "late")
  • Controllable interference (cross talk) of the stereo room reflections with each other
  • Parametric equalizer for the independent early and late channels (each with three curve types)
  • Early and Late Mixer (with stereo balance for either L/R or M/S)
  • Built-in Ducker
  • Adjustable effect crossfade characteristics
  • Tag-based preset browser
  • Two alternative graphical user interface sizes
  • MIDI Learn functionality
  • 64-bit internal processing


  • 16 delay tracks, arranged in Sequenz the taps and delayed at the same distance from each other
  • DeepL access mute switch to hide certain tracks if desired
  • Global control level (all 16 tracks simultaneously)
  • Time Grid - The delay between successive taps and basic delay time for all 16 feedback loops
  • Optional: host tempo synchronization
  • feedback benchmark
  • Shuffle (swing)
  • Master filter settings
  • Local control level (individual for each delay track):
  • Feedback raltive to the basic value
  • Delay time as a multiple of the time grid
  • Local filter settings
  • stereo panorama
  • stereo distribution
  • Output volume with step display
  • Output with extremely low digital step effect (aliasing)
  • Tag-based preconfiguration browser
  • MIDI learn functionality
  • 64-bit internal processing

Decimort 2

  • Precise resampling algorithm (ADC emulation, no overtones above 22kHz threshold)
  • Pre- (Approximative) and PostFiltering, both in combination with the Resampler
  • Customizable jitter
  • Quantization with controllable dithering
  • Two quantization methods (mid-raiser, mid-tread)
  • Analog-like filters with adjustable resonance and cutoff parameters
  • Tag-based preset browser
  • Two alternative user interface sizes
  • MIDI learn functionality
  • 64-bit internal processing

Devastor 2

  • Excellent diode clipper emulation
  • High-quality filters modelled on analog effect devices
  • Dynamic flattener (input signal compressor)
  • Output limiter (optional)
  • Tag-based preset browser
  • Two different user interface sizes
  • MIDI learn functionality
  • 9 Different connection topologies for the arrangement of filters and diode clippers
  • 64-bit internal processing
  • Output signal with very little aliasing


  • Precise simulation of BBD-based analog delay traces
  • Optional: Independent parameter controls for the individual stereo channels
  • Selectable L/R or M/S stereo processing modes
  • The Mistress mode allows the user to use the plugin just like the classic Flanger of the 70s.
  • LFOs can be synchronized with main application
  • Three different LFO-to-BBD curves
  • Output signal with extremely little aliasing
  • Tag-based preset browser
  • Two alternative user interface sizes
  • MIDI learn functionality
  • Internal 64 bit processing


  • Emulation of analog delay tracks
  • Double delay track
  • LFOs synchronized with the main application
  • built-in tremolo effect
  • Group-organized presets
  • Midi learn functionality
  • internal 64-bit processing


  • 17 completely synthetic instruments
  • Perfectly scaled knob ranges
  • Extended control over module sounds
  • Flexible, dynamic output redirection including master out and trigger output
  • Real "disable/off" mute & solo buttons for each module - Saves CPU power
  • Completely controllable via MidiCC
  • Fast midiCC assignment with MidiLearn function
  • Several control variants:
  • Internal sequencer (pattern mode) with 2 sub-modes
  • 96 Simple patterns
  • 16 extended patterns (12 basic rhythms and 4 intros/fill ins) with 4 segments per pattern
  • Each segment can be defined with one of four available time signature types
  • Each step can be defined as normal or accented
  • shuffle mode
  • tap fashion
  • Built-in Randomizer
  • Patterns can be imported or exported human readable as .xml files.
  • External mode:
  • Custom Midi Map
  • Note speed controls module level
  • Two synchronization modes:
  • Precise DAW Tempo Synchronization
  • Synchronization to Internal Clock - from 30-303 BPM (+-0.1)
  • Simple preset manager


  • Perfectly emulated synthesizer of the Roland 909
  • Exactly equal scaled knob ranges with small modifications for an even wider sound spectrum
  • Improved control over instrument sounds
  • Dynamic signal redirection from instruments to outputs
  • Custom plugin output settings
  • Mute/Solo buttons for each instrument
  • Completely controllable via MidiCC
  • Fast midiCC assignment with MidiLearn function

Different operating modes:

  • External mode (note mode)
  • Internal sequencer (pattern mode) with three sub modes

External mode (note mode):

  • Midi-Map equivalent to the classic map of the 909
  • Midi tunes and volumes control the volumes and tunes of the instruments

internal sequencer:

  • 8 benches with 12 patterns per bench
  • Each pattern with up to 16 steps length
  • Each pattern defined in one of four time signature types
  • Each step optionally accentuated or normal
  • shuffle mode
  • flame mode
  • tap mode
  • chain mode
  • Intelligent rescaling (Automatically scales and stretches the pattern for the new beat)
  • Built-in Randomizer (optional for instrument selection, affected steps, frequency of notes, and more)
  • Pattern import / export via human readable .xml files
  • Two synchronization modes:
  • Accurate synchronization at host tempo
  • Synchronization at the internal clock - Speed control between 30-303 BPM (+/-0.1)
  • Individual presets for each instrument with easy-to-use preset manager


  • Fully synthetic drum sounds
  • Additional parameters for even more sound control
  • Multiple operating modes:
  • External mode (notes trigger sounds)
  • Internal sequencer (pattern mode)

Internal sequencer:

  • 8 benches with 12 patterns per bench
  • Each pattern with 16 steps length
  • Each pattern defined by one of four available bars
  • shuffle mode
  • Trigger out
  • Global Accent Track
  • tap mode
  • chain mode
  • Shuffle (swing) and tempo values defined per pattern
  • Built-in Randomizer
  • Pattern import/export via human-readable .xml files

Two synchronization modes:

  • Synchronization at host tempo
  • Synchronization at the internal clock - tempo controlled between 30-300 BPM (+/-0,1)
  • Mute/Solo for each instrument
  • Dynamic signal routing from instruments to outputs
  • Drumkits organized in groups
  • midi learn functionality
  • 64-bit internal processing



  • 2 authentically emulated analog oscillators (saw/square)
  • Screeching 18db/oct low pass filter free of self-oscillation
  • Filter equipped with transistor amplitude clipping
  • Perfectly scaled knob ranges
  • Additional synthesizer options extend the model's repertoire

Internal sequencer

  • 96 patterns
  • Each pattern with a length of up to 16 steps
  • shuffle mode
  • chain mode
  • Define shuffle (swing) and tempo values per pattern
  • Pattern import/export via human readable .xml files

Two synchronization modes:

  • Precise synchronization of the host tempo
  • Synchronization at the internal clock - controlled tempo between 30-800 BPM (+/-0.1)

Built-in arpeggiator

  • 7 predefined chords and One custom chord
  • Arpeggiator speed multiplier (1, 1.5, 2, 3, 4, 6)
  • Arpeggiator repeat feature
  • 4 Arpeggiatior patterns (Up, Down, Up-Down, Random)
  • Defined offsets of the octaves
  • Built-in distortion effect (equivalent to a transistor amplifier with equalizer)
  • Designed for the Acid-Bassline Sound
  • Equipped with signal routing (Dist <=> Eq)

Different control methods:

  • External mode (notes trigger sounds)
  • Internal sequencer (pattern mode)

Versatile random number generator:

  • Generates patterns from user-defined note range, user-defined chords or predefined chords. (major, minor, dominant seventh, m7, M7, m7-5, DIM)
  • Generates random values for note, gate, accent, and slide attributes
  • Allows the user to define attribute frequencies
  • Completely controllable via MidiCC

SIGM mouth

  • Four independent delay tracks, each with
  • multimode filter
  • overdrive unit
  • Separately configured pre-delay and delay times with optional tempo synchronization.
  • Delay times down to 0.1 milliseconds
  • Tap function for unsynchronized delay tracks
  • Selectable channel mode (L+R or M+S)
  • stereo distribution
  • High quality delay track algorithm
  • No aliasing or sound artifacts
  • Four selectable levels of processing quality
  • Two multipurpose modulators:

Selectable modulator type:

  • LFO
  • Tempo synchronization (optional)
  • 6 reversible waveforms
  • stereo phase shift
  • ADHSR Envelope
  • peak follower
  • MIDI retriggering for LFO and envelope type modulators
  • Transient detector for new triggering of modulators of the LFO and envelope type
  • Flexible routing (9 possible topologies)
  • Practical mixer
  • master limiter
  • presets
  • over 300 factory presets
  • Advanced file-based preset browser
  • Extended MIDI learn functionality
  • Parameter mapping for VST - / AU- / AAX automation. Default map included
  • Independent quality settings for real-time and offline modes


  • 23 Unique delay effects
  • Two separate delay tracks for the left and right channel with independent control for both or one channel each:
  • phase inverse function
  • Audio Clipper Module with Color Parameters
  • Dual filter (Hi-Pass, Lo-Pass)
  • Dry/Wet Mixing
  • channel re-panning
  • Tap function for non-synchronized delay times
  • Optional tempo synchronization with DAWs
  • ping-pong mode
  • feedback analog mode
  • Two-stage stereo spread
  • Output signal with extremely little digital aliasing
  • tag-based preset browser
  • MIDI learn functionality
  • Internal 64bit processing


  • Multi-core support for improved performance with multi-core systems

Multilayer architecture with 8 independent, individually configurable layers:

  • 32 voices polyphony, MIDI channel, keyboard zone, audio output, synthesizer, insert effect, modulation matrix and arpeggiator


  • oscillators (Saw, PWM, Noise), with Supersaw and HardSync
  • Sub-Oscillators (5 waveforms)
  • Self-oscillating multimode filter
  • Passive high pass filter
  • Up to 8 voices in unison with Tune -, Cutoff- and Panorama spread controls
  • 2 LFOs with optional tempo synchronization and retriggering modes
  • 2 envelopes with retriggering modes
  • Insert effect (selectable algorithms):
  • chorus
  • string ensemble
  • phaser
  • flanger
  • distortion
  • Vowel filter
  • decimator
  • tremolo
  • Modulation Matrix (modulation) sources:
  • note velocity
  • Pitchbend
  • modulation wheel
  • expression pedal
  • damping pedal
  • keyboard aftertouch
  • grade height
  • Arpeggiator output
  • arpeggiator
  • Step Sequencer
  • 6 running modes (Up, Down, Up and Down, Down and Up, Random, Manual)
  • Chord mode (Gater)
  • 3 hold modes (Normal, Toggle, Trigger)
  • shuffle
  • Tempo multiplier (whole notes, dotted notes, triplets)
  • blender
  • Parametric equalizers (1 per channel strip)
  • Compressors (1 per channel strip)
  • Send effects (reverb, chorus, delay with tempo synchronization)
  • presets
  • Over 1600 factory presets
  • 5 preset categories (whole synth, single layer, arpeggiator, reverb, delay)
  • File-based preset browser
  • Miscellaneous
  • Extended MIDI learn
  • Parameter mapping for VST / AU - Automation
  • Selectable GUI size

punch box

  • sound source
  • Up to 4 generators in parallel, can be activated independently of each other:
  • Click - sample-based, creates kick accents
  • Tops - sample-based, e.g. hihats, percussion and sounds
  • Tools - sample based, e.g. midrange, almost complete kicks without sub
  • Kick - Sample-based or synth-based, creates the body of the kick. Four synth engines to choose from in synth mode:
  • 909 Kick model
  • 808 Kick model
  • 606 Kick model
  • sinusoidal kick model
  • Audio-to-effect send via generator
  • 1 voice polyphony
  • Optional: MIDI speed, sensitivity and pitch tracking
  • Built-in effects rack

5 high-quality algorithms in series, can be individually activated, deactivated or moved by drag & drop.

  • equalizer
  • bit crusher
  • distortion
  • filters
  • Limiter (not movable)
  • Controllable connection point of the effect series for the direct output of the generator
  • Samples and Presets
  • Numerous ex-factory contents, designed by CFA-Sound and Sounds of Revolution
  • 800 presets
  • 1100 samples
  • Sensibly sorted
  • Tag-based preset and sample browsers
  • Preview Option
  • Own samples can be imported by the user
  • 7 Preset Categories (Hierarchically Sorted)
  • Global / Master Presets
  • 909 Synth Engine
  • 808 Synth Engine
  • 606 Synth Engine
  • Sinusoidal curves Synth engine
  • bit crusher effect
  • distortion effect
  • MIDI Learn Option
  • Flexible random number generator
  • Direct export function (Export your finished beats as .wav file with different bit and sample rates)

system requirements

Windows PC

  • Win 7, Win 8, Win 10
  • 2.8 GHz with SSE (i7-based with 3.7 GHz recommended)
  • 4 GB RAM (8 GB recommended)
  • VST -compatible main application (32bit or 64bit)

Mac OS X

  • OS X 10.7 or later
  • Intel -2.8 GHz CPU with SSE (i7-based with 3.4 GHz recommended)
  • 4 GB RAM (8 GB recommended)
  • AU- / VST -compatible main application (32bit or 64bit)


  • Manufacturer: D16 Group
  • Software type: Plug-in
  • Version: Full version
  • Plattform: Mac/PC
  • Supported plug-in formats: VST/AU/AAX
  • Boxed: No
  • Licensing type: Internet
  • Effect Type: Bundle
D16 Group Total Bundle  License Code Product ImageD16 Group Total Bundle License Code
€ 869.00

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