Software Download Licenses

Important facts about Download-Licence

After purchasing a download licence, our download portal is the easiest way for you to obtain your new purchase: Directly after receipt of payment you will receive a code by e-mail, with which you can either download the new software directly or activate it. The exact procedure depends on the provider and manufacturer of the programme. If necessary, you may have to download the product from the manufacturer's site first, in order to unlock it afterwards with the code you received from us.

If you have purchased a sample library such as Native Komplete, a DAW such as Cubase or Studio One, an extensive software synthesizer such as Omnisphere, or a complex AI-based program such as Ozone, you should expect an extended download time, which is inevitable due to the amount of data in the GB range associated with these items. Alternatively, you can opt for the boxed version of such a product, which comes with a data carrier containing the program files and samples.