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Doepfer A-147-2SE vcDLFO Special Edition

Item: SYN0005742-000
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Doepfer A-147-2SE is a voltage controlled LFO Eurorack module as special edition in red. The module combines three sections ...  All product info

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Doepfer A-147-2 vcDLFO

Doepfer A-147-2 vcDLFO Product Image
  • Manufacturer: Doepfer
  • TE / HP: 8.0
€ 119.00

Doepfer A-147-2V vcDLFO Vintage Edition

Doepfer A-147-2V vcDLFO Vintage Edition Product Image
  • Manufacturer: Doepfer
  • TE / HP: 8.0
€ 135.00
€ 129.00
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Doepfer A-147-2SE VCDLFO Special Edition

Voltage controlled LFO Eurorack Module Special Edition red

Doepfer A-147-2SE is a voltage controlled LFO Eurorack module as special edition in red. The module combines three sections VC-LFO, VCA and VC-Delay, for different applications in the Eurorack Modular System.

Voltage controlled LFO

The voltage-controlled LFO has the waveforms triangle, sine, sawtooth and square and is additionally equipped with a reset/sync input. The LFO outputs sine/triangle and square are indicated by two-color LEDs and the CV control for the external control input can be switched between attenuator and polarizer. The frequency range of the LFO without external CV is approx. 0.005 Hz (approx. 3 minutes) to approx. 200 Hz. In addition, an ultra-low mode is possible (with jumper on the board), which can last up to one hour for one period.

VCA & Polarizer Mode

The VCA has a linear characteristic and can be switched between "real" VCA and voltage-controlled polarizers. In Polarizer mode, the VCA can also be used as a DC-coupled ring modulator
The delta output of the LFO is connected to the signal input of the VCA via the switching contact of the "VCA In" socket
If another LFO waveform (or an external signal) is to be processed with the VCA, this can be patched to the VCA input.

The VCA can also be used as a stand-alone, linear VCA, polarizer or ring modulator completely independent of the LFO and delay unit.

Voltage controlled envelope/delay

The third unit is a simple VC envelope that only has the"Attack" parameter. This unit generates a linearly rising voltage whose slope can be controlled manually with the delay control and via "Delay CV". If the gate signal of a USB/Midi interface is used as the "Delay Reset", it is possible to generate the function of a transient vibrato or transient tremolo
The delay unit, like the VCA, can also be used completely independently for other tasks in the A-100, for example as a voltage-controlled waveshaper


  • LFO reset input
  • LFO CV input
  • Delay CV input
  • sine output
  • triangle output
  • Square output
  • Saw output
  • VCA input
  • VCA output
  • VCA CV input
  • Delay Reset input
  • delay output


  • Manufacturer: Doepfer
  • TE / HP: 8
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