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The Kuassa Effector Distortion Bundle is an advantage package from the Distortion, Fuzz and Overdrive Effect plugin of the ...  All product info

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Distortion Effect Plugin Bundle

The Kuassa Effector Distortion Bundle is an advantage package from the Distortion, Fuzz and Overdrive Effect plugin of the Effector series. It contains the plugins DS3603 Distortion, FZ3603 Fuzz and OD3603 Overdrive and thus combines the 'dirty' sound effects of Kuassa DS3603 into one inexpensive package. All three effect plug-ins captivate with an extremely minimalistic UI and relatively extensive sound possibilities and a very high modulation quality. This bundle collects the research of thirty extremely popular analog models into a practical and versatile sound shaping tool for guitarists, keyboardists, bassists and drummers in the home recording field.

Effector DS3603 Distortion

The Effector DS3603 is an entry-level distortion effect plug-in with five effect types and the most important setting parameters. The effect is aimed especially at guitarists and keyboardists, but also at home producers in general who want to add more colour, power and volume to vocal recordings, drums or other instruments through overtones and distortion. Thanks to the Gain and Tone control parameters, you retain basic and obvious control over the final effect despite the five presets.

Like most distortions, distortion in the DS3603 Effector is achieved by clipping, rather than by overdriving a signal until the upper and lower frequencies are 'cut off'. With further clever algorithms this Kuassa plugin adds more overtones and emphasizes the powerful depths of the sound with further filters. The five selectable distortion types correspond to the most typical fields of application:
- Lead Distortion: reverberant mids for screeching solos
- Heavy Distortion: Penetrates all frequencies gently or extremely
depending on the setting - Metal Distortion: Deep, thickly applied force for aggressive sound
- Classic Distortion: Singing highs with rocky hardness of tone
- Pro Distortion: Fat tone with clear edge

Control over the gain, tone and volume parameters can fundamentally change these five types of distortion to create a versatile color palette without confusing you with confusing bonus features. The A/B Compare feature also makes it easy to compare two effects until the sound tickles the synapses in the listening center just right. The Dry Wet control lets you easily control the amount of distortion in the source signal, and with up to 8x oversampling, you can set the exact 'brush strength' of your effect. The Effektor DS3603 Distortion offers a powerful sound distortion tool with a clear interface for more control.

Effector FZ3603 Fuzz

This plugin is a fuzz effect with five effect styles and basic setting parameters. The fuzz sound is one of the more primitive effects similar to an early distortion and can be recognized by its 'fluffy', dirty and compressed sound, which impresses with its artificial character and often looks more like a synthesizer. In addition to the five modulation modes, the plugin offers many basic settings for sound refinement, such as the Fuzz and Tone controls, as well as a Dry/Wet control for mixing the raw signal and effect signal components. It is also possible to select the oversampling (up to eight times).

The Fuzz effect can sound extremely different thanks to the settings of the FZ3603 Fuzz Effector, especially because it unfolds its artificial charm with its violent clipping and high compression. Already the five selectable modulation types are very different even without touching the other parameters:

- Big Fuzz: Dirty and 'fluffy' with long held notes
- Sustainer Fuzz: Warm and dull with rhythm guitar, singing highs with leads.
- Trans Fuzz: The typical, well-known transistor sound
- Vintage Fuzz: Imitation of the 60s
sound - Zepp Fuzz: British oldschool rock sound

Effector OD3603 Overdrive

This is an entry-level Overdrive effect plug-in with five effect modes and extended sound parameters. It is not only for guitarists, but is also useful for scratching vocal distortions and as a warm crunch effect for almost all instruments. In addition to the five distortion modes, the Overdrive and Tone controls give you basic control over fine-tuning the sound. The Dry/Wet control determines the amount of distortion in relation to the undistorted raw signal. Input controls and selectable oversampling multipliers round out the setting options, giving you more options than most low-cost overdrives.
Originally, the overdrive effect was rather a side effect of amplifiers being turned up too far, resulting in crackling noises and cut-off sound curves. Although the appeal of dirty garage sound has never completely disappeared from the overdrive association, the fullness of sound has developed much further than just an arbitrary mutilation of the raw signal. The OD3603 Overdrive Effector makes this particularly noticeable by letting you choose between warm, crisp and screeching sounds, giving you the full potential of the Overdrive. The five modulation modes are included:

- Blues Overdrive: Imitates overdriven British amplifiers
- Boutique Overdrive: Tailor-made Overdrive for particularly rich and dynamic sounds
- Mad Overdrive: Hard and oppressive, but still preserves audible facets of your playing style.
- Modern Overdrive: Designed overdrive that can be highly modulated up to distortion.
- Pro Overdrive: warm, crisp and screeching - a real classic.

Kuassa Effector Distortion Bundle

- DS3603 Distortion,
◦ Five effect modes to choose from
◦ Independent gain, tone and volume
controls ◦ Dry/Wet
controls ◦ Up to eight times oversampling
◦ A/B comparison
function - FZ3603 Fuzz
◦ Five modulation types to choose from
◦ Independent gain, Tone and volume controls
◦ A/B comparison function
◦ Dry/Wet
controls ◦ Up to eightfold oversampling
- OD3603 Overdrive
◦ Five effect modes to choose
from ◦ Independent overdrive, tone and volume
controls ◦ Dry/Wet
controls ◦ Up to eightfold oversampling
◦ A/B comparison function

Scope of delivery

- License codes for the plugins DS3603 Distortion, FZ3603 Fuzz and OD3603 Overdrive


- VST VST3/Audio Unit/AAX compatible host
software - PC: Windows XP/Vista/7/10 (32/64 bit)
- Mac: Mac OS 10.6 or later (32/64 bit)

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