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Pioneer DJ PLX-1000 B-Stock

Item: DJE0006567-000
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The Pioneer PLX-1000 is a masterfully built piece of precision technology for professional DJs, developed on the basis of 50...  All product info

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Pioneer PLX-1000 B-Stock

Professional high torque turntable

The Pioneer PLX-1000 is a masterfully built piece of precision technology for professional DJs, developed on the basis of 50 years of experience in the development of high-quality turntables. This direct-drive, high-torque turntable offers a classic functional arrangement of its controls and features a rubberized, S-shaped tonearm for maximum isolation and minimal feedback. Its solid construction guarantees excellent vibration damping and ultra-precise audio reproduction with the best sound quality. Featuring next-generation innovations, the PLX-1000 is the perfect tool for professional DJs and vinyl enthusiasts.

Pioneer PLX-1000 / Antriebssystem

Pioneer PLX-1000 / propulsion system

drive line system

Thanks to the high initial torque of at least 4.5 kg/cm, the direct drive accelerates to 33 1/3 revolutions per minute in a flash of 0.3 seconds. This guarantees even the smallest variations in synchronism of 0.1% or less and the most precise control. Regardless of which genre is used: these are optimal conditions for the professional handling of vinyl. With knowledge of such quality and reliability, nothing stands in the way of smooth performance.

Pioneer PLX-1000 / Power, Start & Stop und Drehzahländerung

Power, Start & Stop and speed change

Power, Start & Stop and speed change

In the left corner of the vinyl player the power switch, the start/stop button and two speed change buttons are available. When the unit is switched on, the blue strobe light on the side lights up. It generates the stroboscope pattern of the PLX-1000 and is used for pitch recognition. Pressing the Start/Stop button starts or stops the turntable rotation. The speed change buttons (33/45) change the speed according to the record to be played.

Pioneer PLX-1000 / Tonarm

pick-up arm

pick-up arm

The PLX-1000's tone arm has an S-shaped structure and is perfectly adjustable for perfect reproduction. For example, the weight of the pickup and pickup head varies depending on the product, so the balance of the pick-up arm can be adjusted. Anti-skating adjustment is a very useful feature for scratch playback. The scale position is adapted to the playback process and thus prevents needle jumps. Needle jumps and sound distortions are additionally prevented with the ability to adjust the needle pressure. The parallel alignment of the tonearm to the record allows the arm height to be adjusted. The PLX-1000 provides a solution for every application!

Pioneer PLX-1000 / Pitch-Sektion

pitch section

pitch section

On the right side of the PLX-1000 are the Tempo control functions with a uniquely sophisticated speed control: In addition to the standard deviation of ±8%, deviations of ±16% and ±50% can also be set. A simple press of the reset button restores the original deviation of ±0%.

Pioneer PLX-1000 / EP-Adapter
EP adapter

Other features include

With the EP-Adapter you can play standard EPs! Simply place the adapter on the middle spindle and bring the small 7 inch plates to life.

Pioneer PLX-1000 / Nadelbeleuchtung

needle illumination

Apart from this, the high-torque turntable comes with needle lighting and a dedicated switch, as can be seen at the bottom right of the picture. After the switch is actuated, the needle illumination lights up in white and reaches to the illumination position of the needle tip, e.g. to make it easier to see the position of the needle in darker environments. If this is not desired, press the needle illumination to lower it and the needle illumination switch goes out.

Pioneer PLX-1000 / Rear Panel

A look at the rear of the PLX-1000 provides information about its connections. The turntable's professional, gold-plated RCA connectors are striking. They offer low contact resistance and thus increase sound quality. Directly next to it is the signal GND socket for connecting the ground cable. The PLX-1000 is powered via a 3-pin power plug. The advantage is that there are no cables in the way when moving the PLX-1000, which additionally prevents connection problems. The cables for the power supply, audio connection and the ground cable are included. The sockets on which the turntable stands provide stability. These also act as dampers that reduce external vibrations. You can also adjust the height of the turntable by turning the dampers. Last but not least, the Kensington anti-theft device deserves a mention, because who wants to accept a loss of this piece of jewellery?

Pioneer PLX-1000 / Rückseite

Pioneer PLX-1000 / Rear Panel

Pioneer PLX-1000 B-Stock Facts

  • High torque direct drive (33 1/3 RPM in 0.3 seconds)
  • Classic DJ turntable look
  • Pluggable mains, earthing and audio cables
  • S-shaped tonearm
  • Various adjustable speed ranges: ±8 %, ±16 % and ±50 %
  • Tempo reset button
  • Solid construction for excellent vibration damping
  • Professional RCA sockets in gold-plated version
  • Rubberized tonearm for improved isolation and feedback prevention

Technical Specifications

  • Torque: 4.5 kg/cm or more (33 1/3 RPM in 0.3 seconds)
  • Rotating speed: 33 1/3 RPM, 45 RPM
  • Pitch range: ±8 %, ±16 %, ±50 %
  • Output: 1 x chinch
  • Dimensions: 453 x 159 x 353 mm (WxHxD)
  • weight: 13,1 kg
  • Incl. cover, slip-mat, dust cover, head shell, counterweight, sub-weight, shell weight,
  • Single puck adapter, power cable, audio cable, grounding cable and user manual

System, needle and control vinyl are not included.

Scope of Delivery:

  • incl. Headshell: Yes
  • incl. Slipmat: Yes


  • Manufacturer: Pioneer DJ
  • USB Interface: No
  • Integrated Preamp: No
  • incl. Headshell: Yes
  • Adjustable Pitch Range: Yes
  • max Pitch Range +/- %: 50
  • Adjustable Torque: No
  • max. Torque kg/cm: 4.5
  • MIDI compatible: No
  • Width (mm): 453
  • Height (mm): 159
  • Depth (mm): 353
  • Weight (kg): 13.1
  • Colour: Black
Pioneer DJ PLX-1000 B-Stock Product ImagePioneer DJ PLX-1000 B-Stock
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