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Steinberg Nuendo 8 Update v. 7 (GB,D,F,I,ES)

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Steinberg Nuendo 8 Update v. 7 (GB,D,F,I,ES) Product Image
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Nuendo 8 Update v. 7 is the upgrade version of Steinberg's professional software environment for film and TV post-production...  All product info

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Software for film post-production, game audio and dubbing

Nuendo 8 Update v. 7 is the upgrade version of Steinberg's professional software environment for film and TV post-production, game audio and dubbing. This extremely comprehensive audio editing system offers a vast range of sound editing and recording tools for virtually any audio-visual medium and for any conceivable application of sound to image. Nuendo 8 offers tools for TV and film postproduction, dialogue dubbing, Foley recording, sound editing in video games and virtual reality environments, and much more. The latest version, Nuendo 8, adds numerous features to the improved workflow, such as direct offline editing and batch processing tools, or a cleaner interface thanks to the new 'lower zone'. In addition, the eighth version includes Audioconnect 2 for Wwise export and import for effective game-sounding, sound randomizers for avoiding machine effects with short samples, mixer histories for quick comparison of different mixes, storable user profiles and countless other new features.

This product is a license code for users who already have a version of Nuendo 7. Please note that it does not have a USB-eLicenser.

The pioneer for postproduction

Whether film or television, Nuendo has Steinberg set a paradigm for post-production software. The software engineers have worked closely with sound engineers and industry staff to meet the specific needs of post-production in film. These include the ability to quickly save and insert audio clusters - i.e. fixed sequences of certain audio files - as a whole Sequenz , to optimize the working speed using batch processing tools and, of course, to make precise adjustments to the sound with a wide range of editing functions in order to either free it from noise or alienate it with effects. Nuendo 8's mixing console, with its VCA fader support, makes it easy to group channels and control them together while still retaining control over individual channels without the complexities of subgroups. These and other extensive mixing, metering and routing options in combination with an integrated video player make Nuendo 8 one of the most popular software environments for postproduction.

Film and TV Postproduction Tools

The arsenal of tools and features is almost endless. Here are just a few of them:

- MixConsole History - Records all editing steps during the mixing of your project. This allows you to return to a different mix state at the click of a mouse and compare the differences between your mixes in a matter of seconds.
- Built-in Channel Strip - Gives your project a more expressive sound, and with a range of low and high pass filters and a noise gate, improves sound and minimizes interference and noise.
- VCA Fader - Allows the creation of new controls within the mixing console. This allows channel groups to be mixed together with full control over individual signals - perfect for editing large film projects with numerous individual channels.
- 80 proven plugins - A set of popular and practical plugins regarding filtering, EQs, dynamics, distortion, modulation as well as up- and downmixing completes the package.
- VST Multi-Panner - a sound panning system that allows you to intuitively make changes to three-dimensional surround sound in formats such as 5.1, 7.1 and Dolby Atmos
- Frequency EQ - Allows you to manipulate the smallest microscopy of the sound frequency spectrum.
- Loudness control - With the integrated loudness meters you can meet the demand of TV stations for loudness based mixes. However, instead of just a snapshot of the loudness in the bar graph, Nuendo also shows you a loudness curve for your project.
- Edit Mode - This mode allows the sound and image to be positioned frame-accurately in the integrated video player. So you know exactly where your effects are applied in the video.
- Comping and Lane Editing - Creates a new subtrack for each take of a recording. So you can simply select the best take and create a finished master take in no time at all.
- Direct offline editing - If you use certain processes and plug-ins in a recurring way, you can combine them into an effect chain and apply them collectively. With the help of offline processing, this can then be added non-destructively and without additional CPU load like a real-time effect.
- ReConforming - If the project has already been completed, but the image material is subsequently added, you can automatically detect image changes and have them automatically adjusted.
- Media Bay - A clear search function for audio effects, samples and audio files. In this library you will find the desired sound in seconds.
- Sound Randomizer - Randomizes a single sound quickly and automatically, so you can effectively create a series of different samples from a single sample, without tedious manual work.
- The popular tools HALion Sonic SE3 and Retrologue 2 are also included.
- Profile manager - With different users or different application fields on the same computer, you can use this manager to quickly save and load your default settings such as keyboard commands, color settings and UI settings.

Game Audio on a new level

Nuendo 8 has also established itself as one of the industry standards for game soundtracks. Thanks to Game Audio Connect 2, sound changes can be transferred directly to middleware such as Wwise. So your edits are always close to the game environment and always include the engine. Audio and MIDI tracks, cycle and cue markers and entire compositions can be easily exported to Wwise. You can even use Nuendo 8 as a midi sequencer for Wwise. The tedious scrolling through directory paths on your hard disk is also a thing of the past: Simply open your audio file in Wwise - the transferred audio element automatically contains the path to the source Nuendo project of the file. With Nuendos Sound Randomizer, you can also quickly change and multiply individual samples to different sound colors without having to edit them yourself. The sampler track even allows you to turn any sound effect into a modulatable instrument. The Pro Sound Effects Library includes a huge royalty-free sound library of two Gigabyte high-quality 24-bit/48 kHz Wav files. Production Grooves also gives you 400 ready-made drum loops and presets. The virtual instruments HALion Sonic SE 3 and Retrologue 2 complete the package.

Powerful Tools for Automatic Dialogue Recording and Foley Recording

Post-synchronisation for film and television as well as dubbing of sound effects are important post-production areas that Nuendo 8 makes extremely easy for you to achieve without having to resort to expensive and poorly integrated external dialogue recording solutions. Spotting is particularly easy with Nuendo here. With up to 32 marker tracks with user-definable attributes, you can quickly define a scene based on time, actor name, scene setting, and more. With the ADR control panel, you can always see which scene is being recorded. The recording modes can also be switched between Rehearse, Record and Review. With the "Free Mode", a recording can also be started at any point independent of the scene division.

The ADR Taker Tool is especially useful for sound recordings. The take list can be used to mark the scenes intended for Foley recordings, but the free mode can also be used to record endless scenes across multiple scenes. With the scene attributes set, the recorded sound files are named meaningfully, for example according to character or materials used, and can thus be easily retrieved.

Thanks to a video overlay, Nuendo also allows you to project dialog texts directly onto the video image in Nuendo or onto a connected video card. Thus dubbing actors can optimally combine picture and sound with each other and quickly achieve perfectly lip-synchronous results. The speaker's work is further facilitated by displayed runtime bars, countdowns, and status indicators.

Virtual Reality sound recording - the sound of the media of the future under control

Since update version 8.3, Steinberg's Nuendo 8 is now dedicated to the new media field of virtual and augmented reality. VR applications have long been underestimated by sound engineers as they are not always comparable in sound quality to normal interactive media. In addition to the usual panning and three-dimensional surround sound adjustments, a VR application with Nuendo 8, for example, benefits from adjustment options such as changing the sound when the head is tilted sideways. The workflows of these tools are closely based on surround productions and are ideally suited for users who want to enter VR content production. A whole range of VST 3 VR plugins is supported, such as Facebook 360.

The key aspect of VR dubbing in Nuendo is the innovative Ambisonics sound field. In this audio panning tool, the representation is not based on channels, but on a spherical sound field around the head of the listener. Sound sources can be positioned in this spherical space. Nuendo supports positioning precision up to the third order. The front and rear positions are coupled to the head tracking of your VR headset. With the VST Ambisonics Panner, finished stereo and surround mixes can also be automatically converted to an Ambisonics mix.

Supported headsets like the Oculus Rift or the HTC Vive can be connected directly to Nuendo so you can see VR content and mix audio tracks simultaneously.

Steinberg Nuendo 8 Update v. 7 Overview

TV and film postproduction tools

  • Mixing console history for quick mix adjustment
  • VCA fader
  • 80 plugins
  • VST multipliers
  • Loudness meters and controls
  • Comping and Lane Editing
  • Direct offline processing (application of effect chains at the push of a button)
  • Media Bay sample search function
  • HALion Sonic SE3 and Retrologue 2
  • Sample sound randomizer
  • profile manager

Game Audio Editing

  • Audio Connect 2 for middleware exports (Wwise)
  • 2 GB effects database and 400 drum loops
  • Sampler track (to convert samples into instruments)

ADR and Foley recording / editing

  • 32 marker tracks with user-defined attributes
  • Recording modes: Rehearse, Record, Review and Free Mode
  • ADR control panel for scene overview
  • ADR Take List for Foley scenes and file names
  • Helpful overlays for dubbing actors (texts, time bars, countdowns)

virtual reality

  • Supports third-party VST 3 VR plugins such as Facebook 360
  • Ambisonics Panner surround sound tool
  • Can be connected to Oculus Rift or HTC Vive for simultaneous viewing of content during sound editing

Scope of delivery

  • Nuendo 8 Update v. 7


  • Valid version of Nuendo 7 (for upgrade version)
  • MAC: OS X 10.11 / macOS 10.12 / macOS 10.13
  • PC: 64-bit Windows 7 / 8.x / 10
  • 64-bit Intel or AMD multicore processor ( Intel i5 or faster recommended)
  • 4 GB RAM (8 GB or more recommended)
  • 20 GB free hard disk space
  • Screen resolution 1366 x 768 pixels (1920 x 1080 recommended)
  • Graphics card with DirectX 10 and WDDM 1.1 support (Windows only)
  • USB port for USB-eLicenser (license management)
  • DVD-ROM Dual Layer Drive
  • Operating system compatible audio hardware (ASIO compatible audio hardware recommended)
  • Internet connection required for installation, activation, account setup and registration.
  • Additional downloads may be required for installation.


  • Manufacturer: Steinberg
Steinberg Nuendo 8 Update v. 7 (GB,D,F,I,ES) Product ImageSteinberg Nuendo 8 Update v. 7 (GB,D,F,I,ES)
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