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Even before the first "Virus" was introduced in 1997, Access developed the "Microwave Programmer", a hardware MIDI controller for the Waldorf Microwave 1, and the exemplary Virus synthesizer product line was created based on this controller. Read more...


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The Virus is a virtual analog synthesizer that was or is equipped in all generations with at least two oscillators, LFOs and envelopes each, the dual filter of the extensive modulation matrix and of course an effect processor. In addition to the proven desktop format, various versions with compact and large keyboards and even models with reduced button sizes such as Virus Rack or TI Snow were released. What they all have in common is the excellent workmanship and exemplary product care on the part of the manufacturer.

With each new virus generation the feature list grew (among others a vocoder was introduced), the converters were improved and the number of voices increased. With the release of the TI version, the layout had changed a lot and thanks to even more powerful processors, there was the new "Atomizer Effect", which for the first time was able to split an audio signal clock-synchronously into its individual parts. It was also finally possible to record all 16 tracks of the virus in a DAW as a real-time audio recording including controller movements.