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lightmaXX Vector Lase 5.0 5 Watt RGB Laser + Case

Item: LIG0015584-000
lightmaXX Vector Lase 5.0 5 Watt RGB  Laser + Case Product Image
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The lightmaXX Vector Lase 5.0 is a powerful RGB Laser with a total power of up to 5000mW. It Laser is ideal for highly p...  All product info

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The lightmaXX Vector Lase 5.0 is a powerful RGB Laser with a total power of up to 5000mW. It Laser is ideal for highly professional laser shows, especially for larger events such as concerts, exhibitions or outdoor projection.

It lightmaXX Vector Lase 5.0 is equipped with three powerful lasers. The red laser source with a wavelength of 638nm, the green laser source with a wavelength of 520nm and the blue laser source with a wavelength of 455nm produce brilliant colors and powerful laser beams. With a beam diameter of 5*2 mm and a beam divergence of <1.1 mrad it has Laser excellent beam properties. The scanner system enables a scanning speed of up to 30Kpps with a 60° wide scanning range.

The cooling of the Vector Lase 5.0 was very much paid attention. There is no fan that blows dust or other particles into the housing and thus pollutes the mirrors etc.. On the underside of the laser there are cooling fins. The cooling fins take up the waste heat from the Laser The cooling fins are cooled by several fans, which are also not located in the same housing tract as the Laser fans. This ensures optimum cooling at an operating temperature of always 10-40°.

lightmaxx Vector Lase 5.0
lightmaxx Vector Lase 5.0
lightmaxx Vector Lase 5.0

Using different modes, about 128 integrated patterns, such as circles, can be projected in different colors and speeds. In automatic mode, the internal patterns are reproduced without further action. Furthermore, a sound-to-light mode is available via the built-in microphone, which offers an incredible music-controlled laser show. It Laser also offers a master-slave mode. In this mode, the Laser same series (slave projectors) connected via DMX to a main projector (master projector) output the same patterns as the master projector.

It can lightmaXX Vector Lase 5.0 also be controlled via the computer via the integrated ILDA interface with 25-pin D-Sub connectors. In connection with a laser software own or already existing laser shows, logos, texts, but also own graphics and animations can be output. Finally, it can Laser also be controlled via DMX with 2 modes with 13/25 channels. All functions and settings are made via the LCD display with the control buttons or the function heads on the rear of the housing.

lightmaxx Vector Lase 5.0
lightmaxx Vector Lase 5.0
lightmaxx Vector Lase 5.0
lightmaxx Vector Lase 5.0
lightmaxx Vector Lase 5.0
lightmaxx Vector Lase 5.0

The scope of delivery also includes a high-quality case. The case captivates by its solid construction from 9mm plywood, as well as the robust roll plate with high-quality 100mm rollers. Professional butterfly locks on the lids and high-quality folding handles on the sides ensure safe and easy transport of the lightmaXX Vector Lase 5.0 .

lightmaXX Vector Lase 5.0

Laser One connection for an external safety switch (interlock) and an on/off switch are provided as safety functions. The key switch protects Laser against unauthorized operation.

The supplied retaining bracket provides various mounting and positioning options. It lightmaXX Vector Lase 5.0 can be positioned hanging on a truss, on the wall or ceiling as well as standing.

Technical data

  • Laser power: 5000mW
  • Color Blend: Red 638nm; Green 520nm; Blue 455nm
  • Cooling: Sealed housing with external fan cooling
  • Working temperature: 10-40° C
  • Power supply: AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz
  • Fuse: T3A
  • Laser class: 4
  • Power consumption: 230 Watt
  • Power connections: Power Twist compatible In/Out
  • Programs: DMX, Auto, Sound, Master/Slave
  • DMX: 3-pin In/Out
  • DMX mode: 13/25 channels
  • ILDA: 25-pin In/Out
  • Scanner: 30Kpps, 60° angle (max.)
  • Working mode: Automatic, Music control, DMX, ILDA, Master/Slave
  • Dimensions without bracket: 278 x 252 x 188mm
  • Weight: 10,00Kg

laser safety regulations

Due to the strong bundling of the laser beam, the entire light energy is concentrated on a small area. If the human eye is hit by this beam, it can cause damage. In particular, there is a risk of eye injury when looking into the direct beam. If the beam is deflected, which is almost always the case with compact show laser systems due to the scanning unit, the effect and thus the danger of the beam is many times lower. According to the possible hazard, Laser or devices containing one Laser , are divided into classes according to the accident prevention regulation Laser radiation [BGV B2]. 99% of the compact show lasers currently available on the market and all of them Laser belong to protection classes 3a and 3b.

These devices are therefore subject to approval. For safe operation at public events, a laser protection officer [radiation protection according to VBG 93 §6 (BGV-B2)] must be appointed. For installations in public buildings (discotheques, multi-purpose halls, restaurants, etc.), the systems must be approved by the locally responsible TÜV or the employers' liability insurance association. The regulations valid in Germany for the operation of a show laser system must be observed. For more information, contact your local trade association and the responsible TÜV company.

lightmaxx Vector Lase 5.0

Scope of Delivery:

  • Keys: Yes
  • Interlock Plug: Yes
  • User's Manual: Yes
  • Connection cable included: Yes


  • Manufacturer: lightmaXX
  • Protection Class: 4
  • DMX Controllable: Yes
  • ILDA Control: Yes
  • Network Card: No
  • Key Holder: Yes
  • Interlock: Yes
  • Power Output Total (max) mW: 5000
  • Wavelength Red - nm: 638
  • Wavelength Green - nm: 520
  • Wavelength Blue - nm: 455
  • Scanspeed PPS: 30
  • Cooler: Yes
  • Stand Alone: Yes
  • Sound to Light: Yes
  • Number of Integrated Patterns: 128
  • SD Card Slot: No
  • Weight (kg): 10
  • Length (cm): 27.8
  • Width (cm): 25.2
  • Height (cm): 18.8
lightmaXX Vector Lase 5.0 5 Watt RGB  Laser + Case Product ImagelightmaXX Vector Lase 5.0 5 Watt RGB Laser + Case

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