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Hohner Service Kit for Harmonica

Article : BLA0000209-000
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The Hohner Harmonica Service Kit is a complete care and repair kit for Hohner harmonicas. Comprising a number of too...  Toutes les informations sur le produit

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The Hohner Harmonica Service Kit is a complete care and repair kit for Hohner harmonicas. Comprising a number of tools for quick fixes and touch ups, as well, oil and cleaning cloth, the Service Kit is a must for both harmonica enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Like any other instrument, a harmonica needs proper maintenance. Reeds and valves (on chromatics) will eventually show signs of wear and tear. For the ambitious player it‘s really a ‘must’ to have the right tools at hand. The Harmonica Service Kit contains everything you need to tune and adjust reeds and replace windsaver valves:

1 tuning file; 1 reed lifter; 1 blade/reed wrench; 1 scraper; replacement windsaver valves for chromonica; 1 tube windsaver glue; 1 bottle silicon oil; screwdriver; cleaning cloth; easy to understand instruction manual.

With a little practise you will find that it‘s quite easy to adjust reeds which are clipping the slot or remove foreign objects which are blocking the reed. The blade can be used to adjust reed offsets to suit your playing style and you can use the file and scraper to retune reeds which have gone out of tune, as they eventually are likely to do.

Probably the commonest simple repair is replacing windsavers on chromatic instruments. This becomes necessary when the note is accompanied by rattling or buzzing sounds. Usually in such cases the valve in question is bent upwards away from the reed plate. You need only to remove the old valve and any traces of glue and stick a new valve on in the same place with a tiny dab of the special glue. Another sensitive area is the chromatic slide assembly, which can tend to stick when it has dried out after intensive playing. You need to unscrew the slide assembly and clean the individual parts with alcohol and a lint-free cloth. It‘s a good idea to lubricate the slide with a drop of silicon oil before reassembling the slide mechanism.

With the HOHNER Service Kit, all these things are no longer a problem. In addition, a well functioning instrument will increase your musical enjoyment enormously and also help you to play better.

The main features of the Hohner Harmonica Service Kit include:

  • Harmonica Service Kit
  • Tools Included: Set of Windsavers, Tube Of Honher Windsaver Glue, Bottle Of Slide Lubricant
  • Nylon Case Included


  • Fabricant: Hohner
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