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Moeck 2302 Rondo Alto Flute - Maple

Товар: BLA0002512-000
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The Moeck 2300 Rondo Alto Recorder Natural has a balanced tone in all registers, which can be achieved without perfe...  Вся информация о товаре

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Moeck 2302 Rondo Alto Flute - Pear Tree

Moeck 2302 Rondo Alto Flute - Pear Tree Изображение товара
  • Производитель: Moeck
  • Вес (кг): 0,48
  • Материал корпуса: Груша
  • Mouth Piece Material: Дерево
  • Двойнае отверстия: Да
  • ...
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MOECK 2300 Rondo Alto Recorder - Maplewood, natural

The Moeck 2300 Rondo Alto Recorder Natural has a balanced tone in all registers, which can be achieved without perfect breathing technique and which blends in well in ensemble playing. The wood of choice is Pearwood and this instrument features Baroque double-hole fingering.

The delicate and elegant new design alone indicates that the Rondo is more than an instrument for beginners. It is designed for players who have gained some experience and require a more flexible tone and increased dynamic potential. The Rondo is comfortable to hold and allows for easy fingering.

This Rondo is made as is typical for ensemble recorders, thus producing a steady warm and homogenic sound. New innovative completion techniques give it unparalleled precision.

Just looking at the new key system tells you that it is robust and reliable. Moeck have made sure that you can play the larger recorders even with small hands. Fingering is the same as with double holes so no rethinking is needed.

The Flauto Rondo is a balanced instrument for more advanced players. All recorders with baroque fingering now have double holes and keys – a guarantee for perfectly pitched chromatic playing.

The main features of the Moeck 2300 Rondo Alto Recorder Natural include:

  • Size: Alto
  • Joints: 3 joints
  • Fingering: Baroque
  • Tuning: a1 = 442 Hz
  • Material: Maple
  • Holes/Key: Double holes for f/f sharp and g/g sharp

Комплектность поставки:

  • incl. Wiper: Да
  • Кейс/Чехол в комплекте: Сумка


  • Производитель: Moeck
  • Вес (кг): 0,45
  • Материал корпуса: Клен
  • Mouth Piece Material: Дерево
  • Двойнае отверстия: Да
  • Настройка: F
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