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Antares SoundSoap+ 5 (Licence)

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The Antares SoundSoap+ 5 (Licence) is advanced audio cleaning Software that uses complex algorithms to remove noise and artefacts.  All product info

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SoundSoap+ 5 (Licence)

Antares SoundSoap+ 5 (Licence) Audio Cleaning Software

The Antares SoundSoap+ 5 (Licence) is audio cleaning Software for filtering noise and improving the sound image of recordings. This not only removes noise, but also background noise such as loud traffic, air conditioning and humming. The software automatically detects background noise and recommends filtering options that you can customize and run at the click of a mouse. Unlike the basic version, SoundSoap+ includes advanced features for more precise filtering. So SoundSoap+ 5 is a quick and easy tool that still delivers very professional results.

SoundSoap+ Features

In this extended version you get all features of SoundSoap 5, alongside:

  • Broadband Range Determination: In the graphical audio wave diagram, you can precisely determine the frequency range to be affected by dragging and dropping.
  • Menu: Includes additional features such as adjustable compression rate and threshold. Especially suitable for quiet audio.
  • Noises - Advanced Enhance Function: Additional tone adjustment functions with a multiband compressor to determine exactly which frequencies you want to emphasize.
  • Additional Functions: Removing the overtones of humming noises, hissing noises and very low-frequency rumbling.
  • Threshold Control for Track Control (to reduce noise reduction in louder sections).

Automatic Recognition Algorithms
Removing distortion, sound artefacts and noise with other programs is often tedious detail work that requires a lot of experience and skill. SoundSoap+ 5 provides a solution whilst remaining easy to use. It automatically detects noise, offers adjustable filter options, and removes unwanted sounds from any media file with a click of the mouse. Even beginners will achieve fast and impressive results with this tool. With the Enhance function, you can also highlight the strengths of the recording by remixing the sound.

Plug-In or Stand-Alone Music Production
In the field of audio recording and music production, noise can be a big problem. That's why SoundSoap+ 5 offers many convenience-oriented features for producers, whether they want to plug SoundSoap into their DAW software or use it as a stand-alone desktop application. SoundSoap+ can also be integrated into the most common media processing programs. With this software solution you get your mixes cleaned-up quickly.

Video Revision
We like to record valuable memories and moments, but with aging media the noise often accumulates. SoundSoap+ 5 also removes them from video formats. It supports the formats: H.264, MPEG-4, WAVE, AIFF, AAC, MP3, FLAC and more. After editing, you can export the project to M4v, AVI and MOV formats - without any loss of video file quality.

Digitize your Analogue Media
Those who digitize their old records and cassettes know that analogue sound can be accompanied by problems. Therefore SoundSoap+ 5 offers the option to import your digitized files directly into the software to start post-processing and removing crunch and pop sounds.

New Features for Version 5

  • Automatic Noise Reduction: Automatically analyses files in specific areas and applies a reduction profile on this basis instead of a generic, flat profile.
  • Define Noise Range: Determine the critical noise range yourself with a mouse click. The software will learn and attenuate the noise profile in this area.
  • Waveform Display for Video: Switch between video display and waveform display.
  • Improved Hum Removal
  • Improved Control: Key commands for "Back to Start", "Back" & "Forward”.
  • FLAC & MP3 Support
  • Full Bypass: Turns off all SoundSoap processing at the touch of a button to facilitate before and after comparisons.
  • Reset Button: Resets all profiles and parameters to the factory settings.

The main features of the Antares SoundSoap+ 5 (Licence) include:

  • Automatic Noise Detection & Removal Software
  • Removes: Humming, Background Noise, Crackling & Pops
  • Batch Processing
  • Stand-Alone App & Plug-In
  • Broadband Noise Reduction

System Requirements:

  • RAM: 2GB Minimum
  • 50MB Free Hard Drive Space
  • Internet Connection
  • Mac OSX v.10.6 or Above
  • Windows 7, 8, or 10
  • Formats: Audio Unit, VST, AAX, or AudioSuite Host Required

SoundSoap Noise Reduction Plug-in Demonstration

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