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Edition Dux Play Guitar Gitarrenschule 1

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"Play Guitar" is a guitar school in two parts. The student can learn the two stroke types Apoyando (game with mooring) and T...  All product info

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Play Guitar Guitar School 1

"Play Guitar" is a guitar school in two parts. The student can learn the two stroke types Apoyando (game with mooring) and Tirando (game without mooring) either simultaneously or one after the other. Play Guitar offers a wide variety of compositions and arrangements, which should make the stylistic range of guitar playing accessible to beginners. Numerous illustrations in new perspectives illustrate the technical processes in an easily understandable way. Workshops deal with blues and song accompaniment.

Part 1 begins with unanimous play. As soon as the fingers of the left hand have learned to grasp the notes with minimum effort and the first stability and safety of the striking fingers on the right have been set, the disassembly typical of the guitar can easily be started from a technical point of view.


  • Note of the authors
  • The guitar and its parts
  • The position of the guitar
  • The posture of the right hand
  • The 6 empty strings of the guitar
  • The two types of stops
  • The stop with the thumb
  • play with the thumb
  • It's not hard to play away
  • I'm not Kurt.
  • string change
  • Now comes the triple time
  • String Change Exercise 1
  • bimbam
  • String Change Exercise 2
  • The position of the left hand
  • The posture of the left thumb
  • The grade a
  • Au clair de la lune (Trad./France)
  • For one thing.
  • The Swing
  • Step by step (Langer)
  • College Song (Trad./USA)
  • Secondly (Trad./Hungary)
  • Dance (Trad./Germany)
  • Billy The Kid (Folksong/USA)
  • The Bulgarian Princess (Langer)
  • Tones on the e' string
  • La Bergamasca (Italy)
  • eighths
  • Almost famous (Langer)
  • Dance, Franz! (Trad./Austria)
  • Farmer Johnny Had A Dog (Trad./England)
  • O Passeado (Trad./Portugal)
  • Danza (Trad./Spain)
  • Molly Malone (Trad./Ireland)
  • Whack the bush! (Tall Hendrik)
  • Tones on the d-string
  • Song from Hungary (Trad./Hungary)
  • Nana (Trad./Colombia)
  • I'm Gonna Sing (Spiritual)
  • Tones on the A-string
  • Adam and Eve (Trad./Netherlands)
  • Brown Girl In The Ring (Trad./Jamaica)
  • Dance (Frank)
  • Tones on the E-string
  • Thumb-Skirt (Long)
  • Canción (Trad./Spain)
  • Siebensprung (Trad./Germany)
  • Fretboard Puzzle 1
  • accidental
  • Melody (Haydn)
  • Keep Your Hand On The Plow (Trad./USA)
  • Melodia sad (Trad./Brazil)
  • Torch Dance (Praetorius)
  • Blues Rock (Langer)
  • Ah, vous dirai-je, Maman (Trad./France)
  • Pay Me (Spiritual/USA)
  • El Carbonerito (Trad./South America)
  • Chanson (Trad./France)
  • Pierlala (Trad./Belgium)
  • Captain Waltz (Trad./Vienna)
  • About string damping
  • dichotomy
  • preliminary exercise
  • Lemon and Malaga (Langer/Neges)
  • The Carnival of Venice (Trad./Italy)
  • Dance of the Bees (Langer/Neges)
  • True two-part harmony, I. Lage
  • O Kuti (Trad./Africa)
  • Dance (Trad./Ukraine)
  • Hand To Hand Percussion 1
  • Swing A Little (Langer/Neges)
  • The II. state of affairs
  • True two-part harmony, II. ply
  • Hey, Lolly, Lolly! (Calypso/Jamaica)
  • Tanzlied (Trad./Germany)
  • Ten Little Indians (Trad./USA)
  • Like Sun and Moon (Langer)
  • Isabelita (Trad./Spain)
  • How Do You Do? (Trad./USA)
  • Tom Cat Blues (Trad./USA)
  • Hand to Hand Percussion 2
  • Everybody Loves Saturday Night (Trad./Nigeria)
  • Shoo Fly (Square Dance/USA)
  • New River Train (Folksong/USA)
  • O you dear Augustin (Trad./Austria)
  • Still waters (Langer)
  • Two-part playing with gripped basses
  • My colourful balloon (Langer/Neges)
  • Rivers Of Babylon (Trad./Jamaica)
  • Rodeo Rider (Cowboy Song/USA)
  • I Shall Not Be Moved (Spiritual)
  • Green, green, green (Trad./Germany)
  • At the fair (Langer)
  • Mary And Martha (Trad./USA)
  • On the horizon (Langer)
  • All On That Day (Gospel/USA)
  • Joy, beautiful sparks of the gods (Beethoven)
  • The Entrance of the Queen (Tall One)
  • Like a feather in the wind (Langer/Neges)
  • Fretboard Puzzle 2, Sheet Music Puzzle 1+2
  • blues workshop
  • Darling Corey (Trad. Blues/USA)
  • Blues-Riff 1 (Long)
  • Blues-Riff 2 (Long)
  • Lonesome Road Blues (Trad./USA)
  • Monday Blues (Neges) again
  • Valentin's Blues (Langer)
  • Midnight Special (Trad./arr.: Long)
  • Nassau Bound (Trad./arr.: Langer)
  • Pay Me My Money Down (Trad./arr.: Langer)
  • Mama Don't Allow (Trad./arr.: Langer)
  • Accompanying Workshop
  • Hey, Lolly, Lolly! (Trad./Jamaica)
  • Ten Little Indians (Trad./USA)
  • Midnight Special (Trad./USA)
  • Everybody Loves Saturday Night (Trad./Nigeria)
  • My hat, it has three corners (Trad./Austria)
  • Exercise 1 at a slow pace
  • Brown Girl In The Ring (Trad./Jamaica)
  • Example 2 in slow tempo
  • I'm Gonna Sing (Spiritual/USA)
  • Basics of music
  • The note values
  • Clock/clock stripe/clock designation
  • Tuning the strings
  • The Fretboard
  • String tensioning


  • Manufacturer: Edition Dux
  • Instrument: Guitar
  • Medium: Textbook
  • Vocals/Speech: German
  • Difficulty: Beginner (1)
  • Arrangement: Guitar
  • With Sheet Music: Yes
  • With Tabulature: No
  • CD: Yes
  • DVD: No
  • CD-ROM: No
  • Download: No
  • Number of Pages: 78
  • Edition / Volume: 1
  • Author: M. Langer, F. Neges
  • Publishing Number: D 3501
  • ISBN: 978-3-86849-258-3
  • ISMN: 979-0-50017-400-4
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