Gamechanger Audio Motor Synth MkII

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Gamechanger Audio

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Product information - Gamechanger Audio Motor Synth MKII

Synthesizer with motor oscillators

Zoom motors

Motor Synth MKII Overview

  • Desktop Synthesizer
  • Hybrid sound generation
  • 8 motor-based oscillators
  • 2 analog voices
  • 1 digital voice
  • Multimode filter per voice
  • 2 multimode envelopes
  • 3 LFOs
  • Arpeggiator
  • Sequencer
  • motion recorder
  • Cluster function
  • CV/Gate inputs for AnalogVoice1+2 & DigiVoice
  • 2 FX Send/Return connectors
  • Audio input
  • Audio output
  • Headphone output
  • MIDI In & Out
Gamechanger Audio Motor Synth MKII

Gamechanger Audio Motor Synth MKII Overview

The Motor Synth MkII from Gamechanger Audio is a primarily analogue desktop synthesizer with an exceptional oscillator design. The unique selling point of the Motor Synth MkII is the way the analogue waveforms are generated. The oscillators consist of eight instantly and precisely responsive motors that rotate specially designed optical discs engraved with the four waveforms: sine, sawtooth, square and "motor". The translation and conversion of each disk is performed by an infrared laser. From here, the oscillator feeds into an analogue Multimode filter that offers a choice of 24db LP, 12dB BP, 12dB HP or 24dB AP (All Pass). Usually, the last link in the signal path is a VCA, not so with this synthesizer, because the signal path between the oscillator and the output jack allows the insertion of any effect device via FX insert before the filter or after the VCA. The instrument has a total of three voices, which are divided into two analogue and one digital. The operating focus of the voices is clearly on the analogue voices, the digital voice is easily accessible via the large display. As a successful complement to the raw and penetrating sound of the analogue voices, the digital voice scores with classic waveforms along with Waveshaping and digitally recreated filters of the analogue section or also as a noise generator. For the modulation of each voice, two multimode envelopes are used, which are primarily connected to the VCF and VCA. With three freely assignable LFOs, subtle and drastic sound shifts are created in no time at all. Sonically, the Motor Synth is very productive: crisp, direct and powerful in the basic sound are its strengths. As the only synthesizer on the market with motor oscillators, the result is simply different than if the signal path was built classically eg. with ICs or transistors. 

Sequencer, Arpeggiator and Cluster

The lower third of the Gamechanger Audio Motor Synth is largely dedicated to the performance-oriented playback functions. The cluster function corresponds to a scene memory that changes assigned parameters at the touch of a button. Off the cuff eg. halve the resonance, filter envelope to maximum and change a waveform, as well as seven other variants can be stored here. The flexible arpeggiator is adjustable in detail and goes far beyond the usual up/down patterns. Thanks to the pattern sequen cer, melodies and basslines can be recorded internally and provided with ratcheting, microtiming, probability and step repeat. The sequencer is supported by the Motion Recorder, which records up to eight parameters in real time and can even change the playback tempo of the controller travel.

Motor Synth Sequencer
Motor Synth Connections


The rear panel of the Motor Synth MkII promises high flexibility in different setups. Three CV and gate inputs each allow controlling the two analogue voices but also the digital voice via Eurorack modular system or an analogue sequencer. Instead of an internal effect processor, there is an effect send/return connector with 3.5mm stereo jack for each analogue voice, so the desired chorus and the ideal delay can be assigned directly to the voices. The audio input fulfills several functions; on the one hand the signal can be run through a digital Vocoder or the filters, on the other hand it can be used for gate and sidechain experiments. A mono audio output, connections for MIDI In & Out, a headphone output and USB MIDI complete the rear panel. 

MOTOR SYNTH MK II Sound Examples | Gamechanger Audio

MOTOR SYNTH MK II Sound Examples 2 | Gamechanger Audio




  • Manufacturer: Gamechanger Audio
  • Construction / Number of Keys: Desktop without keyboard
  • Velocity sensitive: Yes
  • Sound Generation: Analog
  • Polyphony: 4
  • Number of Sounds: 16384
  • Arpeggiator: Yes
  • Number of Knobs: 36
  • Number of Keys: 24
  • Display: Yes
  • Mounting Options: MIDI Step Sequencer
  • MIDI Interface: Yes
  • USB MIDI Interface: Yes
  • LINE IN: Yes
  • LINE OUT: Yes
  • Headphone Connection: Yes
  • Power Supply: Adapter, external
  • incl. Power Adapter: Yes
  • Width (cm): 21
  • Height (cm): 5.5
  • Depth (cm): 29
  • Weight (kg): 3.3
Gamechanger Audio Motor Synth MkII Product ImageGamechanger Audio Motor Synth MkII
€ 3,299.00
€ 5,999.00
€ 3,798.00
€ 3,599.00
€ 3,299.00
€ 1,959.00

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