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Evans Sound Off Fusion Box Set New Version!

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The Evans SoundOff Fusion Drum Mute Pack is a drum mute pack, featuring a 18"-26" Bass Drum Pad, a 14"...  Todas as informações do produto

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EVANS Sound Off Fusion Drum Mutes

The Evans SoundOff Fusion Drum Mute Pack is a drum mute pack, featuring a 18"-26" Bass Drum Pad, a 14" Snare Pad, a 14" Hi-Hat Pad, a 20" Ride Pad, and 10", 12", 14" Tom Pads. HQ’s SoundOff line of drum mutes remains the most trusted and preferred among students, hobbyists, and teachers. By reducing acoustic drum and cymbal volume levels by 95%, SoundOffs revolutionized the way percussionists practice their craft. No longer concerned with annoying family members and neighbours with endless paradiddles and rim-shots, drumming enthusiasts aren’t forced to sacrifice a moment of practice time. This pack contains every piece of a drum kit you need to practice every song you know.

The main features of the Evans SoundOff Fusion Drum Mute Pack include:

  • Reduce volume levels by 95%
  • 10", 12", 14" tom pads
  • 14" snare pad
  • 18"-26" universal bass drum pad
  • 14" hi-hat pad
  • 20" ride pad
  • Universal cymbal pad


  • Fabricante: Evans
  • Material: Plastic
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