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Paiste PST8 Rock Set de Pratos, 14"HH, 16"CR, 20"R

Artigo: DRU0025202-000
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With the PST8 cymbals, Paiste offers a high-quality cymbal with the legendary 2002-Bronze alloy - for the usual low "Paiste S...  Todas as informações do produto

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PAISTE PST8 Rock Cymbal Set

With the PST8 cymbals, Paiste offers a high-quality cymbal with the legendary 2002-Bronze alloy - for the usual low "Paiste Sound Technology"- prices. The hammering of the PST8 cymbals is traditionally done by hand and even the attractive reflector finish is also completed by hand. Available as Medium and Rock models.

Set consists of: 14" Rock HiHat 16" Rock Crash 20" Rock Ride

PAISTE PST8 Rock Cymbal Set Features: Material: 2002 Bronze Hand-hammered Finish: Reflector (by hand)

HiHat: Fairly bright, powerful, lush and defined. Wide range, clear mix. Giving feel. Clear, cutting open sound with a fat, meaty chick sound. Very strong hi-hat for application especially in louder music genres

Crash: Bright, energetic, powerful. Fairly wide range, clean mix. Fairly giving feel with explosive attack. Sturdy, massive crash for loud music genres.

Ride: Bright, strong and full. Medium range, clean mix. Defined, clear, fairly glassy ping with a controllable wash. Cutting, massive bell sound. Perfectly suited for powerful playing at higher volume levels.

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  • Fabricante: Paiste
  • Liga: Bronze
  • Martelado à mão: Sim
  • Acabamento: Muito brilho
  • Escala: Peso médio
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