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Haynes Publishing Fender Stratocaster Manual Paul Balmer, 2nd Edition

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Leo Fender launched the Stratocaster electric guitar in 1954 as an upgrade to his revolutionary Telecaster. The ‘Strat’ – stre...  Alle Artikelinfos
Haynes Publishing

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Paul Balmer: Fender Stratocaster Manual (2nd Edition)

Leo Fender launched the Stratocaster electric guitar in 1954 as an upgrade to his revolutionary Telecaster. The ‘Strat’ – streamlined, chrome-plated, efficient, fast and sexy – soon gained icon status. Today, while original models change hands for thousands of dollars, almost identical Stratocasters are mass-produced by Fender USA for sale worldwide. The ‘Strat’ remains a low- maintenance ‘good little runner’ and, with the help of the second edition of this practical ‘how to’ manual, will last a lifetime.


  • Buying a ‘Strat’, used and new options, pitfalls, authenticity issues, getting the right ‘Strat’ for the job.
  • Pre-gig checks, tuning, stageside repairs.
  • Routine maintenance and servicing.
  • Set-ups and careful ‘customising’.
  • Safety, electric shocks, hearing damage, paint spray hazards, repetitive strain injury.
  • Dimensions and weights, buying spares, model identification.
  • ‘Under the hood’ with celebrity users: how the pros set up their ‘Strats’ and related hardware.
  • This second edition is fully updated throughout, and includes extra case studies and a new section showing how to 'Voodoo' your Squier Strat.


  • Hersteller: Haynes Publishing
  • Medium: Fachbuch
  • Sprache: Englisch
  • Seitenanzahl: 200
  • Autor: Paul Balmer
  • Verlagsnummer: HAYH5222
  • ISBN: 9780857332226
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