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Jack & Danny JB Vintage 1975 BK Black
Cool bass with classic sounds & vintage look!
€ 140.20 ca. £ 118.36   To Product
Hartke HF44 Bass Fuzz
with analog circuit
€ 84.00 ca. £ 70.91   To Product

Play Bass – Acoustic, Electric, Low!

E-Bass, Semi-Hollow, Acoustic-Bass, Upright-Bass oder Bass-Ukulele - here you will find everything that raises the pulse of bass enthusiasts: whether Fretted Bass, Fretless Bass or Headless Bass; from classic 4 string all the way up to extravagant 7-string, at Music Store everything is possible. Whoever wants to play Bass, needs a good Bass amplifier. In our guitar shop we offer various heads, cabinets and combo bass amplifiers in all imaginable speaker configurations for the optimal equipment to practice bass playing as well as gig performances with your band. All brands that have name and rank in the bass world are standing at the ready in Music Store professional for you play and test. We have 5 test rooms in total where you can test everything undisturbed. Bass effects such as distortion, octavers, envelope filters and multi-effect boards are also always available. If you have any questions or would like in-depth consultation? No problem: just ask a member of our expert sales team!

Bass playing in all price classes: from beginner to professional

Want to start and are looking for an inexpensive bass to learn the bass or you interested in investing in a premium instrument? We have everything in every price class, starting with our least expensive basses from Jack&Danny to premium basses crafted by hand in Danzig. We have it all.

A lot of Bass for the money: Fame!

Our „Fame“ Basses are incredibly popular in the middle price segment. These instruments are made by M-Guitars in Danzig and leave nothing to be desired. In addition to the brands already mentioned, we carry many different manufacturers as part of our permanent product palette including Fender, Gibson, Musicman, Ibanez, Yamaha, Warwick, Sandberg, Human Base, ESP, Epiphone, G&L, Höfner, Rickenbacker, Gretsch, SpectorNS Design, PRS, Jackson, Sterling by Musicman and Fender Squier.

Buy Basses Online

Of course, you can always find our complete and constantly up to date range of products in our online shop. Naturally you can also buy your new bass online, securely and comfortably, with the fastest possible delivery and a 30 day money-back guarantee.

Popular brands at MUSIC STORE professional

Markbass, Ampeg, Glockenklang, Orange, Gallien Krueger, Fender, AER, Eden, TC Electronic, Aguilar, Ashdown, Hartke, Warwick, Peavey, Roland, Behringer, Fame, Boss, MXR, Palmer, Electroharmonix, Zoom, Tech21, Digitech