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Payment Methods:

Advance Payment

Upon processing and verification of your order, you will receive an order confirmation from us via email with our bank information and all of the details required for the transfer. Once the payment has been received, the order will be shipped. Please note that due to bank processing times, it may take up to 3 business days to complete the transfer of the amount onto our account. For very urgent orders we do not recommend the advance payment method because of the time required for the bank to process the transfer. The advance payment method is not available for orders shipping via express delivery. Please note that we will automatically cancel the order after a period of 10 days of non-payment.

An advance payment, or simply an advance, is the part of a contractually due sum that is paid or received in advance for goods or services, while the balance included in the invoice will only follow the delivery.


After processing your order you will be redirected to your PayPal account. You will then grant us permission to debit the amount to be paid for the order. Only shortly before shipping of the ordered items, will the invoice amount actually be debited from your PayPal account. PayPal reserves the right to subsequently propose alternative payment methods in the case of very large sums or if the PayPal credit limit has been exceeded. For further information on payments via PayPal please click on the PayPal logo.

Amazon Payments

Pay with Amazon makes shopping a little easier by allowing you to use your existing Amazon account information to pay for and have our items delivered to you. There is no need to remember multiple logins and passwords for multiple sites; all you need is your Amazon account information. You already trust Amazon when you shop online, so trust it when you shop on our site too. It’s a safe, secure, and convenient way to shop online.

Cash on Delivery

The invoice amount is paid upon delivery directly to the delivery person. Items in stock at the time of the order will be shipped on the same business day. Please note that DHL imposes a delivery fee of 2€, which is payable directly to the delivery person in addition to the invoice amount.


After your order has been processed you will be linked to the payment service provider in order to complete the transfer via online banking through the PIN/TAN process. This process is faster than regular advance payments; as usual bank processing times are eliminated. We promptly receive a confirmation of payment and can ship available goods to you immediately.
This payment method is available for customers with bank accounts in the following countries: Belgium, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Austria, Poland and Switzerland.

Credit Card

The total amount payable of your order will initially only be reserved on your credit card. Once the order has been shipped will the amount actually be debited from your account – so that in the event that an item is not actually available, no credit card will be unnecessarily charged.

Please note that for some credit cards a renewed request for the CVC security code is required and you will possibly be prompted during the order process to provide it again.


iDEAL is the most common way to pay via internet banking and is of course available to our Dutch customers. Almost every Dutch bank is affiliated with iDEAL and thus makes it a very simple, fast and reliable way to pay for your order. Further information can be found at