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Monzani MZFL-350 Flöte mit Ringklappen

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Monzani MZFL-350 Transverse Flute German Nickel (Silver) Key of C, Split-E Key, C Foot Joint, Carry Case & Accessories  Alle Artikelinfos

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Monzani MZFL-350 Flute German Nickel (Silver)

Monzani MZFL-350 Transverse Flute German Nickel (Silver)

The Monzani MZFL-350 is a Transverse Flute created using German Nickel. This results in a beautiful, Warm Sound with a Forgiving Response. The forward G ensures a relaxed posture of the hand and the E-Mechanism gives additional security when playing the "e3", whilst the Keys of the MZFL-370 run quietly and reliably. Italian Pads and Springs ensure good coverage and long durability of the Mechanism. The professional response of the MZFL-370 not only inspires beginners, it is also absolutely convincing as a 2nd Instrument. A Case and Accessories are also included with delivery.

The main features of the Monzani MZFL-350 Flute German Nickel (Silver) include:

  • Transverse Flute
  • Key: C
  • Material: German Nickel
  • Pads & Springs Made in Italy
  • Split-E Key
  • Off-Set G
  • C Foot Joint
  • Includes: Carry Case & Accessories
  • Weight: 430g
  • Finish: Silver


  • inkl. Koffer / Etui: Etui


  • Hersteller: Monzani
  • Material Kopfstück: Neusilber
  • Material Klappen: Neusilber
  • Material Korpus: Neusilber
  • Material Mundloch: Neusilber
  • Material Kamin: Neusilber
  • Spitzdeckelmechanik: Ja
  • E-Mechanik: Ja
  • C-Fuß: Ja
  • Stimmung: C
  • Vorgezogenes G: Ja
Monzani MZFL-350 Flöte mit Ringklappen ProduktbildMonzani MZFL-350 Flöte mit Ringklappen
153,00 €
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