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Two Notes Torpedo Captor 16

Artikel: REC0013654-000
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The Two Notes Torpedo Captor 16 is a multi-purpose engineering tool which is a DI Box which can provide ample load to Amplifiers.  Alle Artikelinfos


Two Notes Torpedo Captor 4

Two Notes Torpedo Captor 4 Produktbild
209,00 €
UVP*: 296,31 €

Two Notes Torpedo Captor 8

Two Notes Torpedo Captor 8 Produktbild
  • Hersteller: Two Notes
  • Arbeitsweise: Aktiv
  • Signaltyp: Hi-Z
  • Kanalzahl: 1
  • PAD: Ja
  • ...
209,00 €
UVP*: 296,31 €
209,00 €
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Produktinformationen - Torpedo Captor 16

Two Notes Torpedo Captor 16 Load-Box/Attenuator/Amp DI

The Two Notes Torpedo Captor 16 is an all-in-one engineering solution that combines Load-Box, Attenuator, Speaker Simulation and D.I. Box. The fan-cooled 16Ω version comes in a solid metal housing and is easy to use on pedalboards thanks to its compact size. It is therefore not only suitable for Electric Bass and Guitar recordings in the studio, but also for live use, and Amps can be recorded in the best quality without stressing your neighbours' nerves. A decent power reduction (-20dB) ensures quieter levels without foregoing the desired sound from driven Amps. And if you're into virtual cabinets, you can download a free simulation plug-in (Wall of Sound III) after registering online.

Compact Robust Device
The front and rear of the Torpedo Captor 16 offer enough connection and adjustment possibilities to be prepared for every situation. These include controls for output volume, various switches (Ground Lift, Instrument and Phase), sockets for line output & speaker thru, balanced DI output & power adaptor (power supply not included), speaker attenuator & amplifier input.

The main features of the Two Notes Torpedo Captor 16 include:

  • 16Ω Load-Box/Attenuator/Amp DI & Speaker Simulator
  • Amplifier Input (100W RMS Max)
  • Balanced Line Output (Dry Signal)
  • Active Speaker Simulation, Ground Lift & Polarity Switches
  • Speaker Thru Output
  • Attenuated Speaker Output (-20dB)
  • Balanced Active DI Output
  • Level Potentiometer
  • Consumption: 5mA
  • Includes: Speaker Simulation Plug-In with 16x Virtual Cabinets (Product Registration Required)
  • Dimensions (DxLxH): 175 x 126 x 62mm
  • Weight: 1kg

Introduction to the Torpedo Captor from Two notes



  • Hersteller: Two Notes
  • Arbeitsweise: Aktiv
  • Signaltyp: Hi-Z
  • Kanalzahl: 1
  • PAD: Nein
  • GroundLift: Ja
  • Tru: Ja
  • Format: Desktop
  • Übertragersymmetriert: Nur Ausgang
  • Rackeinbau möglich: Nein
  • Pegelsteller: Ja
Two Notes Torpedo Captor 16 ProduktbildTwo Notes Torpedo Captor 16
209,00 €
335,00 €
219,00 €
279,00 €
269,00 €
138,00 €

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